Getting Started with the Permit Process

If you have plans to build, renovate, add accessory or agricultural structures in the future please be aware that permits may be required depending to the scope of work you will be doing. How will you know if a permit is required? The easiest way is to call the Gordon County Building, Planning and Development office at 706-629-0505 or come by our office at 200 S. Wall Street next door to the courthouse. You can then explain what you would like to do and be advised as to whether a permit will be necessary. Typically, if your project is over 120 square foot you will need to obtain a permit.

What is required to obtain a permit?

Important Telephone Numbers While Building

Gordon County Building, Planning and Development:  706-629-0505
(permits for buildings, electrical, plumbing, heat/air, manufactured homes and land disturbing)

Gordon County Planning and Development:  706-879-2175
(zoning, land use and business licenses)

Gordon County Emergency Management:  706-602-2905
(obtaining an address)

Gordon County Environmental Health:  706-624-1440
(septic systems)

Gordon County Fire Prevention:  706-629-7741
(fire permits)


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