1/3/2011 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

Chairman Padgett called the meeting to order at approximately 6 p.m. welcoming all in attendance.

Minutes from December 6, 2010 meeting were presented for review and approval. Jane Powers Weldon and Betty Ann Surdykowski noted changes to be made to minutes. Jane Powers Weldon made motion to approve amended minutes; seconded by Betty Ann Surdykowski. All voted aye.

Unfinished Business

  • Chairman Padgett stated himself and County Administrator Randy Dowling, have been trying to gather updates on Resaca Battlefield and Fort Wayne projects from the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Chairman Padgett stated there are approximately 185 cemeteries included on the ongoing cemetery project. He stated himself and David Mitchell followed up on the Neal Cemetery, located on Pine Chapel Road; which included 5 graves and 3 grave markers.
  • David Mitchell shared an obituary of a pioneer family of Gordon County with HPC members.
  • Chairman Padgett stated there will be a future article in the Calhoun Times asking for assistance in finding the remaining cemeteries.
  • Chairman Padgett stated he received an email from the Hix family and would like to schedule a meeting with the family to see if their home could be the first home on the registry. The Hix home is the oldest home in Gordon County as well as possibly in the top five of oldest homes still standing in the State. He stated the original home of George Adair was built in 1775.
  • Chairman Padgett stated the State of Georgia has 31 markers arranged throughout the county, along with GPS locations of historical sites. He stated the driving tour discussed in previous meeting could be compiled with these markers and categorized by Native American, Civil War, and Colonial history. He stated he didn’t believe there were any colonial markers listed but there were general markers, such as Gordon County marker. He stated it could possibly be compiled in booklet form since the markers are already in place.
  • Betty Ann Surdykowski provided the HPC members a copy of Jeff Bishop’s 42 mile driving tour of the Stand Watie Trail. There was a brief discussion of Stand Watie Trail driving tour and hand out.
  • Chairman Padgett suggested the HPC run an informative quarterly article in the Calhoun Times to keep the HPC in public view.
  • Jane Powers Weldon stated the tour she had mentioned in November meeting was Vanishing Georgia type tour, not Vanishing Garden tour.

New Business

  • Chairman Padgett stated on January 14, 2011 at noon there will be a City Council work session along with City HPC and Leigh Burns. Jane Powers Weldon stated the date is Monday, January 10, 2011. Chairman Padgett encouraged anyone who can attend to do so and show support to the City HPC. Jane Powers Weldon stated the City HPC would appreciate any support.
  • Chairman Padgett presented various pictures of a two – three million dollar civil war collection to HPC members. He stated there is a 90 percent chance this civil war collection will be donated to the Resaca Battlefield project. HPC members reviewed pictures and had brief discussion.
  • David Mitchell suggested E Damascus Church along with Cumberland Church should be included on a driving tour.
  • Jane Powers Weldon stated she had received a call from Mike Gibson – (706-337-2241) whenever the HPC first started meeting. She stated Mr. Gibson told her he thought E Damascus Church should be listed as an historic site.
  • There was brief discussion of old churches/old properties of churches within Gordon County, particularly an old church place at Culpepper Road, which has original rock church steps still in place.

Chairman Padgett stated next meeting will Monday, February 7, 2011 at 6 p.m. Jane Powers Weldon made motion to adjourn; seconded by Betty Ann Surdykowski. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:40 p.m.

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