Administrator’s Report for January 5, 2016

Financial Update:

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  Compared to the same month of the previous year, the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenue received during December 2015 fell 9.12%, a $48,148 decrease; and the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) revenue fell 9.39%, a $70,731 decrease. The falling sales tax revenue received in December 2015 contributed to a cumulative decrease of $149,870 (5.71%) LOST revenue and a decrease of of $221,575 (5.95%) SPLOST revenue for the 1st and 2nd quarters of this fiscal year.

Project Update:

  • George Chambers Center Expansion:
    • This project is 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule and approximately 24% complete.
      • Framing and roofing are complete
      • Rough-in electrical and plumbing inspections were approved.
      • Exterior doors and siding are being installed.
      • Insulation will be finished next week and drywall will immediately follow.
      • Donated materials are being ordered through Shaw.
    • The Resource Center is pursuing implementation of three bid alternates for an exterior canopy, theater seating, and paving of the parking area. Following the transfer of funds from the Center to the County’s Project account, the County will provide a Change Order to the Contract authorizing Momon Construction to perform the additional work described as bid alternatives.
    • Pending Change Orders, the schedule indicates a project completion of May 2015.
  • New County Building:  The County will be publishing a request for qualified builders as early as Friday January 8th, and the architect is working to complete the design documents by January 18th.
  • Red Bud Fire Station:  Project completion is pending approximately 20 punch list items in addition to erosion concerns presented to the builder by NOVA engineering.

Significant Activities:

  • Code Compliance:  The Code Compliance Officer documented an increasing workload and reports a total of 87 complaints during the first three months of operation:
    • Oct 2015 – 16 Complaints (15 closed and 1 open)
    • Nov 2015 – 25 complaints (22 closed and 3 open)
    • Dec 2015 – 46 complaints (26 closed and 20 open)
    • After visiting with the Whitfield County Building Inspection staff, Gordon County began working with a software vendor, IWORQ, to institute a cloud based code enforcement tool to streamline complaint tracking, document control, and activity reporting.
  • Flood Damage:  Following an Emergency Declaration by the Governor, a damage assessment of county infrastructure is being conducted in coordination with local and state public safety agencies. The total cost to repair the damage will be used by the State of Georgia to determine if the threshold to received federal assistance has been met.

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