1/6/2015 BOC Work Session Minutes

JANUARY 6, 2015

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners held a Work Session Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Administration building.

County Attorney Ledbetter called the meeting to order.

Attorney Ledbetter introduced Ms. Savannah Cronnon, candidate for Junior Mayor of Gordon County. Savannah is an 8th grade student at Sonoraville Middle School and she is running for Junior Mayor of Gordon County. Ledbetter announced that Savannah will lead the pledge of allegiance at the Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting tonight.

The Board discussed the agenda items for the Regular Meeting and made no changes or additions. One item was removed from the agenda as explained by Administrator King later in the meeting.

Attorney Ledbetter commented on the item for the Contract for the Fire Station at Redbud and advised that the fixed sum is for about $1,500,000 with a contingency of about $66,000. The contract starts January 15, 2015 and the fire station is to be built by August 15, 2015.

Administrator King advised that the item to provide 5311 van drivers with mobile communication devices is required by new safety requirements. This would have required a budget amendment, however, because of the lower price of gasoline the cost of the overall program has been reduced allowing for purchase of these devices without a budget amendment. This item was removed from the agenda

Attorney Ledbetter advised that the item for the Agreement for a Hazard Mitigation Assistant grant is for the Chairman’s signature allowing the grant funding to be awarded to our Gordon County Emergency Management for the update of our Hazard Mitigation plan.

Attorney Ledbetter advised that a private citizen had requested to speak to the Board, the attorney called Mr. Ricky E. Smith to come and speak to the Board about his concerns with chicken houses and the ordinance. Mr. Smith was not in attendance.

Administrator King spoke to the Board about the data that he had gathered for the Board for their consideration in amending the ULDC regarding chicken houses. King advised that Gordon County issued 58 permits for poultry houses in 2013, in 2014, 41 permits were issued. Some of the surrounding counties reported that their number of permits were substantially lower. Some of the concerns that had been brought up by citizens was phosphorous in ground water.

Attorney Ledbetter spoke about the ordinance and advised that some of the surrounding counties had less restrictive ordinances concerning poultry houses. It is not necessarily that Gordon County has a liberal ordinance regarding distances and setbacks, there are other factors apparently driving the number of applications for chicken houses in Gordon County. This is a very important issue and this information and data is to help the Board with their decision about the ordinance. More information will be forthcoming from the County Cooperative Extension office.

The Board then discussed a possible retreat for the Board members and a date of March 6 was discussed.

Commissioner Cunningham made a motion to close the Work Session. Commissioner Sexton seconded the motion and all voted aye. There being no further business the Work Session adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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