Administrator’s Report for January 10, 2016

Financial Update:

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  Gordon County received $461,370.54 in Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) and $665,273.30 in Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) from the Georgia Department of Revenue during the month of December 2016. This revenue reflects a 2.50% increase in LOST and a 2.51% increase in SPLOST compared to December 2015.

Significant Projects:

  • Ranger Fire Station:  Following the facility modifications that were made to the Ranger Volunteer Fire Station, the Gordon County Fire Department began fulltime operations at the station with a reduced staff on January 2, 2017. During the first fulltime shift at the station, the county responded to 4 calls within the first 24 hours of operation.
  • Government Plaza:  Momon Construction has reported that the final four sections of window glass are scheduled to be installed this week. Three double sections will be installed in the rear of the building and one large section will be installed over the back entry. Cherokee Mechanical has installed all the PIU boxes, and all of the HVAC components are now operational. Trane will install the controls next week, and the final inspection is being scheduled for the week of 23 January. The Building and Grounds Department is coordinating the relocation of furniture and personnel, and we are looking at holding an official opening ceremony in February.
  • Courthouse and Courthouse Annex:  The remaining SPLOST revenue necessary to complete the funding package for this project will be collected later this year. Following the relocation of the Tax Commissioner, Tax Assessor, and Voter Registrations and Elections personnel into the first floor of the Government Plaza Building, the county will begin the process of conducting preconstruction assessments needed to evaluate requirements for the renovation and repair of facilities.
  • Health Department:  Gordon County continues to coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources to obtain the property located behind the existing Health Department for the construction of a replacement Health Department building. The Department of Natural Resources expects to receive approval of their board during their next meeting on January 27, 2017. The decision to transfer the property will then be considered by the State Legislature during their General Assembly. Upon state approval, the transfer will be executed by the State Properties Commission.

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