Admin Report for January 17, 2023



  • NEWTOWN JUVENILE COURT FACILITY:  The facility experienced extensive flood damage during the recent freeze. We have changed remediation companies and progress began
    last week.
  • NEW JUDICIAL BUILDING:  We have been experiencing plumbing issues with the original drain line under the first floor. Momon Construction has presented a plan to address the issue at a cost of $15,850. Jeff Champion states that, since changing out some plumbing fixtures, there have not been any issues. We will pause on this project for now and see if we need to move forward or not.
  • PUBLIC WORKS FACILITY:  Met with an expert regarding air quality issues in some of the offices. The expert’s report indicated some contaminants were in the air but advised the levels are under OSHA limits. It was determined that the issues needed to be addressed. Momon Construction is working on a proposal.
  • 1960S COURTHOUSE: Drywall is completed on all floors. Trim work has begun on the first and second floor. First coat of paint has been applied on the first and second floors.
    Ceiling grids and lights are installed on the first and second floors. Starting on flooring on
    the first floor next week. Elevator parts and equipment scheduled to arrive by the end of
    the month.
  • SENIOR CENTER:  Working on punch list items.
  • ADMINISTRATION BUILDING:  Momon Construction will present an estimate for roof and cornice/gutter
    repairs in Q1.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE:  Next steps are to: update the Future Land Use Map; Meeting with Internal Steering Committee on Jan 19th; update the Community Work Program; and, update the Report of Accomplishments
  • GEOPERMITTING:  Code Enforcement is live. Planning and Zoning and Business Licenses are in progress. Expected completion for all departments is the end of March 2023.

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