Gordon County Board of Commissioners
Work Session Minutes

January 17, 2023

Members Present
M.L. Bud Owens, Chairman
Kevin Cunningham, Vice-chairman
Chad Steward, Commissioner
Bruce Potts, Commissioner
Kurt Sutherland, Commissioner

Others Present
James F. Ledbetter, County Administrator
Keith King, Executive Assistant and Interim County Clerk
30 Guests and Media

Commission Chairman Bud Owens called the meeting to order at 5:19 p.m.

Discussion of Regular Agenda Items:

Zoning Application Z22-29 HMO Properties, LLC’s request to rezone A-1 to C-G:
County Administrator Ledbetter explained that the former owners of the property had the parcel rezoned to C-G in order to develop the property. However, the property was later rezoned back to A-1. Now HMO Properties LLC is looking to develop the property for a storage facility much like that they own at Blackwood Springs. The application comes to the Board from the Planning and Zoning Commission with the recommendation for approval. Mr. Ledbetter stated for the record that the commercial development part of the property can not exceed ten acres and noted that HMO Property LLC’s site plan drawings does indeed show the development less than ten acres.

Adoption of the 2023 Gordon County Emergency Operations Plan:
Mr. Ledbetter reminded the board that the Emergency Operating Plan is updated every four years. The plan has been funded by a grant and has included an expert in the field to help draft the plan. Mr. Ledbetter stated that the plan would need to be adopted by the Board and three signatures are needed by the Chair.

Application for Malt Beverage, Wine, and/or Liquor License for Mapco Express / DBA Delta Express located at 973 Hwy 53 Calhoun, Georgia 30701:
Mr. Ledbetter stated that this license did not meet the deadline for newspaper advertisement in order to have it within the batch approval of December 2022. Mr. Ledbetter went on to explain that the application is in order and is recommended for approval.

Request from the Sheriff’s Office to Surplus County Property:
Mr. Ledbetter listed the surplus property as (1) Glock Model 45 9mm with serial number BVAG956. The firearm is to be presented to retired Sheriff’s Captain Mike Barton.

Approval of on-demand architectural & engineering services proposal by Croft and Associates:
Mr. Ledbetter stated that CROFT and Associates would be able to offer on-demand architectural and engineering services. Mr. Ledbetter explained that while Gordon County has already approved other on-demand engineering services, this service would be another tool in the tool box for Public Works Director Steve Parris. Mr. Ledbetter mentioned that Jim and Joe Croft are from Gordon County and are familiar with the community. Mr. Ledbetter stated that the on-demand rates are in the Board’s packet.

Commission Chairman Bud Owens asked if there were any obligations within the contract that would prohibit the County from using other on-demand companies or going out to bid for projects.

Mr. Ledbetter answered that there was nothing within the proposal that would prohibit Gordon County from using any other service.

Approval of the Board of Commissioners’ Committee Appointments:
Mr. Ledbetter explained that per the Commission rules, the Chairperson sets the committee appointments and the list is on the agenda for the Board’s review.

For Board Consideration

Presentation of CASA of NW Georgia:
Representatives of CASA shared information about the CASA program with those in attendance. The representatives also shared information concerning foster care stats in Gordon County.

Request Concerning Tennis Amenities at the Sonoraville Recreation Center:
Representatives from the Sonoraville High School Tennis Team presented a slide presentation to the Board of Commissioners for the need of upgrades and additions to the Sonoraville Parks and Recreation Tennis Courts.


Commission Chair Bud Owens adjourned the Work Session at 5:47 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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