Administrator’s Report for January 19, 2016

Project Update:

  • George Chambers Center Expansion:  The next project meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 21st at 1:00 p.m. at the George Chambers Center. Matt Hibberts, with Momon Construction, will present an update on their current progress, construction schedule, material selections, and recent modification requests.
  • New County Building:  County employees are submitting possible names for the BB&T building purchased by Gordon County, which will be presented to the Board of Commissioners prior to the February 16th regular meeting at which time the Board will review the names. The purchasing department is sharing with various departments the finishes to be used in the renovation. As the architect continues to work toward completing bid documents; the following timeline was prepared for the selection of qualified builders:
    • Issue RFQ 1/8/2016
    • Begin Advertising 1/13/2016
    • Inquiry Deadline 2/3/2016
    • Submittal Deadline 2/10/2016
    • Evaluation of RFQs 2/20/2016 – 2/29/2016
    • Selection of Top Companies 2/29/2016
  • Red Bud Fire Station:  The new Fire Station has been completed, commissioned, and a grand opening was held on January 19th. As of today, the station is now staffed and operational. The cost for the facility is estimated at approximately $1.5M. Once all invoices have been received and a final cost has been determined, the Purchasing Department will be prepared to advertise for refitting the Fire Department with new Fire Trucks and equipment.
  • Resaca Battlefield:  Gordon County staff, the Friends of Resaca Battlefield, and State of Georgia personnel visited the Resaca Battlefield last week to evaluate the work recently completed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. It was determined that the site is now substantively complete. Planning is underway for presenting the Resaca Battlefield to the Gordon County Board of Commissioners for consideration of acceptance.

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