1/20/2015 Administrator’s Report

Finance Update:

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  The Gordon County Finance Department has prepared a Revenue and Expenditure Budget Report for the six months ended December 31, 2014 (attached). This report provides year to date revenues and expenditures of fiscal year 2014 compared to the same period during fiscal year 2013 for each fund. The General Fund year to date revenue in 2014 was $19,521,857 compared to $18,992,330 in 2013. Year to date expenditures in the General Fund is $14,817,653 in 2014 compared to $15,843,748 in 2013. In summary, the total excess of revenue over expenditures in the General Fund for the first six months of fiscal year has increased from $3,148,582 in 2013 to $4,704,204 in 2014.

Project Update:

  • Parking Deck Construction:  Construction has continued with some weather related interruption; however, the project is on track for completion by approximately April or May. All overhead cabling has been installed underground, and the final overhead data transmission lines are scheduled to be removed tomorrow. Underground storm water drains were identified during excavations that require attention. Pieper O’Brien Herr engineers have completed a plan to reroute these underground drainage lines and are preparing an independent cost estimate for the work.
  • George Chambers:  The county staff is meeting tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. at the George Chambers resource center to review the final bid documents, plans, and drawings prepared by Killian Clark. We will also be evaluating site options for insourcing the demolition and disposal of the existing structure which should free up additional CDBG funds that can be directed at the construction project.
  • Mental Health Facility:  A draft request for proposal was prepared by the Gordon County Purchasing Department for release on or around January 28th. To maximize interest and encourage competition from interested parties, the request will remain open through February 25th and the language within the request has been broadened.
  • Development Authority Property:  The Gordon County Administrator, Finance Director, and County Attorney will meet with the Chamber of Commerce President on Thursday to assess the way ahead for Development Authority industrial properties within the county.
  • Resaca Battlefield:  The county staff will be meeting with Mr. Clark from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources tomorrow morning. Gordon County previously provided the State of Georgia with list of findings that must be addressed. The DNR has agreed to provide feedback regarding this list of pending items during our meeting.

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