Administrator’s Report for February 7, 2017

Financial Update:

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  Gordon County received $560,757.55 in Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) and $793,265.96 in Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) from the Georgia Department of Revenue during the month of January 2017. This revenue reflects a 5.52% increase in LOST and a 3.52% increase in SPLOST compared to January 2016. A sales tax collections report prepared by the Finance Department is attached.
  • Revenue and Expenditures:  The financial report for the first 6 months of the current fiscal year indicates approximately 62% of the annual projected general fund revenue has been received and general fund expenditures are approximately 48% of the approved budget as of the period ended December 31. A detailed report of revenue and expenditures prepared by the Finance Department is attached.

Significant Projects:

  • Government Plaza:  The POH architects completed their final inspection of the building, and several minor corrections are being addressed by the contractors. The Building Inspections Department issued a certificate of occupancy on February 3 and the Building and Grounds and IT Departments assisted with the relocation of the Tax Commissioner, Property Assessor, and Voter Registration and Elections offices during the weekend of February 4 -5. The offices were open for business and fully operational on Monday, February 6. While the building renovation of the first floor is substantively complete and under the approved budget, additional work is underway to repair the exterior lighting, paint the rear breezeway, improve the walkways, refurbish the landscaping, and add additional signage. The City of Calhoun has been a tremendous help throughout the renovation and have offered to replace some of the old and damaged sidewalks along Wall Street. An official grand opening is being planned for March 31.
  • Courthouse Renovation:  A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for architectural firms with experience in government projects, complex renovations, and courthouse construction will close on March 1. The evaluation team, comprised of two County Commissioners, County Administrator, Purchasing Director, Building Inspector, and Buildings & Grounds Director will convene in March to select an architect to design future projects throughout the county.
  • Code Compliance:  Gordon County Code Compliance has issued 41 citations to date; with 30 found guilty, 9 scheduled to appear, and 2 pending bench warrants. Twenty-eight active cases are pending, which includes 4 court directed re-checks.
  • Public Works:  The Purchasing Department is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to acquire construction material and services for upcoming road maintenance projects.

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