Gordon County Board of Commissioners
Work Session Minutes

Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Judicial Building Assembly Room – 5:00 PM

PRESENT: Commissioners: Chair M.L. “Bud” Owens, Vice-Chair Kevin Cunningham, Chad Steward, Bruce Potts, Kurt Sutherland; County Administrator and Attorney Jim Ledbetter, and Executive Assistant Keith King, 18 guests, and media.

Chairman Owens called the meeting to order at 5:00pm

Discussion of Regular Session Agenda Items

  • Recognition of Recent Donations to Gordon County:  Administrator Ledbetter read the names, amounts, and the office that the donations were given to. Mr. Ledbetter and the Board thanked these individuals for their investment into the community.
  • Adopt Resolution Appointing County Records Custodian and Open Records Clerk and Adopting Records Retention Policy:  Mr. Ledbetter explained that this was an update from the previous Clerk to our new County Clerk, Hollis Barton. Mr. Ledbetter also explained that this was to appoint Mrs. Barton as the custodian of records and to adopt the Records Retention Policy.
  • Application for Malt Beverage, Wine, and/or Liquor License:  Mr. Ledbtter explained that this was a new application for Timothy L. Otis / George R. Banks American Legion Post 305 located at 2962 Highway 411 SE, Fairmount, Georgia 30139. Mr. Ledbetter stated that all of the material was in order and in the packet for the Board’s review.
  • Request from Gordon County Fire Department to award a bid to purchase five (5) thermal cameras in the amount of $36,522 to Georgia Fire and Rescue Supply. This item is below original approved budgeted cost and will be budgeted using the Fire Fund. Additionally, consider recommendation to surplus items deemed no longer useful by the Fire Department: Mr. Ledbetter stated that this request was within the budget and that the surplus items were 2 obsolete units.
  • Request from Gordon County Sheriff’s Office to approve a proposal to award a bid for the purchase of a camera system at the Gordon County Justice Center in the amount of $365,000 to Telenet Systems using Sheriff’s Office Budget from the General Fund.  This will require a budget increase in the amount of $65,000: Mr. Ledbetter reminded the Board that the current camera system within the Jail and Sheriff’s Office was installed in 2008 and that the video quality along with blind spots have been an issue and has affected court cases. Mr. Ledbetter explained that we are using the same company and system that is being used in the Judicial Building and the new Courthouse. Major Bedford stated that the system is badly needed and that the current system is badly needed and has issues of shutting down and ⅓ of the cameras are not operational. Commissioner Potts stated that he has visited the jail towers and has witnessed the issues with the current camera system.
  • Discuss proposal of spay-neuter program fees:  Mr. Ledbetter advised that the Board will hear from Director Sue Henson after the discussion of the regular agenda items.
  • Consideration of Easement for City Utilities:  Mr. Ledbetter asked Executive Assistant Keith King to present the aerial photo of the project on the screen. The City of Calhoun ran into gas lines as they were installing water lines on Lovers Lane Road. Instead of going through the ditch, the City would like to go through the property near the trees. Buildings and Grounds has raised a concern about the septic tank field lines. Mr. Ledbetter asked for the motion to include that if anything was damaged that the City would make any needed repairs. Commissioner Potts stated that he would like for the City to also remove the trees along the bank as they may be a future issue. Mr. Ledbetter stated to include it within the motion for the Board’s approval.

For Board Consideration

  • Departmental Report by Fire Chief Doug Ralston: Fire Chief Doug Ralston introduced three new Firefighters and the staff members that were present with him. Chief Ralston then gave his report and it is attached to these minutes.
  • EMA Director Courtney Taylor, Emergency Preparedness Week Presentation: Director Taylor spoke to the Board concerning the latest press releases and went over the different day topics. A copy has been attached to these minutes.
  • Recognition of Service of Debbie Vance: Administrator Ledbetter and the Board of Commissioners all stated what a wonderful job E-911 Director Vance has done for Gordon County. Director Vance also spoke of how she has loved working with her staff and for Gordon County.
  • Report on Animal Control from Sue Henson: Director Henson stated that the free animal adoption fee and the free spay/neuter fee went so well during the holidays that she is asking for the Board to continue offering these items for free until further notice. The Board agreed and will hear it as a regular agenda item.

Reminders and Information: Chairman Owens read the reminders and attached information.

  • Next Commissioners’ Meeting: February 21, 2023
  • LOST / SPLOST Report
  • Emergency Management 2022 Annual Report
  • Board Appointments
  • ACCG Annual Training Calendar

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:38 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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