2/17/2015 Administrator’s Report

Finance Update:

  • Budget Preparation: FY 2015-16 budget packages were distributed to all departments with instructions to make their request by March 6, 2015. The packages included a budget analysis input sheet, five year capital improvement plan, historical actuals comparison report, and a detail year to date budget report for the current year and previous year. Following receipt of the departmental requests, a recommended budget will be prepared by the County Administrator and submitted to the Board of Commissioners on May 19, 2015.

Project Update:

  • Parking Deck Construction:  The contractor is currently installing precast concrete, which should be finished within 2 weeks. The storm water drainage is 80% complete with approximately 30 feet remaining in order to tie into the existing sewer. Pending inclement weather, the contractor will pour concrete slabs and begin electrical rough-in next month. Public Works will clear the bank east of the secured parking area tomorrow and Thursday.
  • Red Bud Road Fire Station:  The ground breaking ceremony held last week in Red Bud and was well attended by local leaders. The contractor is continuing to haul in fill dirt to bring the pad up to grade. They expect to begin digging the footing as early as next week.
  • George Chambers:  The design team is working with the George Chambers staff to identify sewer and septic locations and make necessary modifications. Public Works is scheduled to begin removing the old building next week pending weather. The George Chambers staff has submitted their requirements, and the architects presented an updated production schedule (attached). We expect to receive a revised budget on February 27th and a 95% plan on March 13th.
  • Mental Health Facility:  A solicitation for written proposals for mental health services will close on February 25th. Highland Rivers Health, a quasi-governmental mental health agency specializing in addiction recovery, crisis stabilization, and developmental disabilities, have expressed interest in providing a proposal. The Gordon County Purchasing Director and County Administrator met with the acting CEO of Highland Rivers, Melanie Dallas, on February 4th. Ms. Dallas advised that State funding for mental health has changed in a manner that will enhance service delivery to Gordon County patients. They have requested a tour of the mental health facility and an opportunity to meet with local stake-holders.
  • Resaca Battlefield:  The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has awarded a contract to construct the entrance modifications, perform additional site maintenance, and complete the trail improvements that were agreed upon. The state has advised that will be prepared to give us a progress update next month.

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