Gordon County Board of Commissioners
Work Session Minutes

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Judicial Building Assembly Room – 5:00 PM

Commissioners: Chair Bud Owens, Vice-Chair Kevin Cunningham, Chad Steward, Kurt Sutherland; County Administrator and Attorney Jim Ledbetter, County Clerk Hollis Barton, Executive Assistant Keith King, Finance Director Andrea Bramlett, Senior Accountants Regan Bell and Autumn Nixon, Derron Brown, Courtney Taylor; Calhoun-Gordon County Leadership group, Blake Silvers, Brandi Owczarz

NOT PRESENT: Commissioner Bruce Potts

Discussion of Regular Session Agenda Items:
Administrator Ledbetter gave an overview of the agenda items.

For Board Consideration:

  • Departmental Report by Finance, Audit Presentation, and First and Second Quarter Financials
    Finance Director Andrea Bramlett gave an overview of the activities and updates from the Finance Department, as well as the Audit Presentation and First and Second Quarter Financials. Chair Owens asked Ms. Bramlett to explain the recent increase in revenue. Mrs. Bramlett explained that since interest rates have increased, the County has been able to utilize that to the benefit of the taxpayers substantially; stating we are earning greater interest rates on the investments that we have in Georgia Fund 1, which is what the County has participated in for quite some time, and have also been able to invest some funds into investments that are backed by the US Government, earning about $513,000 in the first six (6) months, compared to about $13,000 the prior year-to-date, making us better prepared financially as a County.
  • Keep Gordon County Beautiful
    Mr. Ledbetter stated that Keep Gordon County Beautiful was unable to make it to the meeting, however, they did want to announce that on March 15, 2023 they will be hosting a Tire Amnesty Day sponsored by Liberty Tire.
  • Leadership Calhoun-Gordon County
    Chair Owens welcomed the Leadership class of 2023.

Reminders and Information:

  • Next Commission Meeting: March 7, 2023
  • Board Appointments
  • ACCG Annual Training Calendar

Executive Session to discuss litigation, property acquisition, and/or personnel:

At 5:26 pm, Commissioner Steward made a motion to enter into Executive Session, seconded by Commissioner Sutherland. The motion carried 4-0. No action was taken.

Author: County Clerk

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