Admin Report for February 23, 2021


  • CASH AND INVESTMENT REPORT:  This report dated February 12, 2021 is in your material for review. The total cash and investments for this report are $70,126,773 compared to $60,816,418 last month and $61,647,988 last year. Since Jan 15, 2021 the Tax Commissioner’s Office has collected over $10,511,636 in property tax revenue. Remember that property taxes are the largest source of revenue for County Government operations and what we collect now has to last until next year when bills go out again. The principal areas of increase are Covid Relief Funds, SPLOST Collections, Ad Valorem tax, and Fire Insurance Premium Tax.
  • BUDGET:  Preparation for the f/y 2021/2022 officially began on February 10th with the distribution of budget packets to departments and agencies. The proposed budget will be brought to the BOC in May followed by the opportunity for public comment and the adoption of a final Budget in June.


  • COVID-19:  The Covid-19 task force met today.
    • County-wide Public safety has 437 total personnel with three out of service due to COVID.
    • The Hospital update showed 16 COVID+ patients
    • Historical and current Gordon County numbers show Gordon County had an increase of 424 cases in the last 2 weeks. (438 cases in the 2 weeks before February 8)
    • The Department of Public Health will no longer be testing at the Senior Center in order to focus personnel on vaccinations.
  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  The County hosted a project meeting last week. Steel is onsite and being assembled, Annex Demolition is essentially complete. We think the project is running a little ahead of schedule and on budget so far.
  • EMERGENCY RADIO COVERAGE:  County Representatives had an excellent meeting with Calhoun, Fairmount, Advent Health EMS and others to participate in the task force review and recommendation process. We are now going to solicit formal proposals seeking a vendor that will provide an emergency radio system as a service. The County is also looking into a grant that should assist with costs to be incurred when upgrades are selected and improved.
  • BROADBAND:  The County continues to meet with a broadband provider to attempt to bring service to un-served areas of the county. The Governor’s proposed budget includes money for possible grants for broadband.
  • ELECTIONS:  Elections have been moved successfully to the new location at 408 Court Street. Early voting is underway on the ESPLOST referendum. Temporary “Elections” signage has been placed on the premises.
  • JUDICIARY:  Judge Rosemary Greene has taken her oath of office. Sharon Fox has assumed the duties of District Attorney until the Governor appoints a new District Attorney. The Governor’s appointment will serve until the next statewide election after appointment.
  • ANNEXATION REPORT:  Brent Stepp Construct has filed a request to Annex and Rezone 41.22 acres on Dews Pond Road from County Agricultural and RA-1 to City PRD. The parcels are 056A-061 and 056C-051. I have been told this development will have about 140 homes using a single entrance on Dews Pond Road which is a county road. This development will definitely impact traffic on Dews Pond Road and Gordon County will require proper traffic plans, engineering and design before a driveway permit will be issued. The property is contiguous to other City property. The City Council will hold a hearing on March 8, 2021 at 7 p.m.
  • REDBONE RIDGES LANDFILL:  The Annual and Semi-annual Title V air quality reports have been filed with Georgia EPD and the U.S. EPA.
  • LG DONATION:  LG has donated a large screen television to the Building Inspectors office to assist in public announcements and communication.

Author: Keith King

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