Take the Community Survey: What Northwest Georgia Needs Most

Your locally elected officials (mayors and county commissioners) of Northwest Georgia are required, by state law, to update and create a five-year plan for the region.  The Northwest Georgia region consists of 15 counties and 49 municipalities (see map below ).  The Northwest Georgia Regional Council, made up of the regions locally elected officials, is responsible for gathering feedback from the public in order to create a plan that addresses the region’s top priorities.  By taking this brief survey you can give your community’s leaders the input they need to determine the region’s needs and how to best address those needs over the next five years.  Please share this survey with all your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues in Northwest Georgia.

Take the survey by visiting:  https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4808659/WHAT-NORTHWEST-GEORGIA-NEEDS-MOST


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