Administrator’s Report for March 29, 2016

Financial Update

  • Budget Preparation:  Fiscal Year 2016-17 departmental budget meetings began on March 18th and scheduled to continue through March 31st. The Finance Department will then compile all departmental budgets as part of the recommended budget to the Board of Commissioners in May.

Significant Projects

  • George Chambers Center Expansion:  Kitchen cabinets will be installed in the culinary center later this week, and the appliances have been staged for delivery. Topsoil and pine straw has been installed around the perimeter of the building. The exterior road is cut to grade and should be finished late next week. Most of the construction will be finished by April 11th. The fabrication of the financial center casework is taking longer than expected and may delay the project to the original substantial completion date of April 26th. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is anticipated for early May.
  • Gordon County Government Plaza:  The County received the 100% construction design documents from the architects yesterday. Upon our review and acceptance, the final bid documents will be prepared for release. We expect to release the bid documents to the top companies by mid-April and begin evaluating proposals by mid-May. We expect to present a vendor to the board for consideration by June 7th.
  • Resaca Battlefield:  The planning continues to officially open the Resaca Battlefield on May 13th. A site visit will be occurring next Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. with the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber Visitor’s Bureau to refine the details of the opening ceremony. We expect to extend formal invitations by mid-March to our Federal, State, and Local elected officials, local stakeholders, and the general public. NGEMC will set our meter later this week, and Fox System will install a gate automation system next week. The Parks & Recreation Department expect delivery of an on-site storage container next week for securing park maintenance equipment. Our Personnel Department is working through a local temporary employment agency to recruit part time Park Attendants who will perform as customer service representatives and assist with routine operations and maintenance.
  • Greenbelt Feasibility Study & Master Plan:  Gordon County sought and received pre-approval for a grant to hire a professional consultant to prepare a feasibility study and master plan for the Gordon County Greenbelt project. Our 2013-2017 Short Term Work Program of the Comprehensive Plan calls for the County to “Prepare a county-wide trails master plan (nature, hiking, biking, greenway, river, and historical trails.)”. The purpose of the Greenbelt Feasibility Study and Master Plan is to increase transportation options, increase community connectivity, expand existing infrastructure, and improve community facilities. With support of our elected representatives and assistance from the NWGRC, this project has been placed on the Governor’s priority list. If funded, the project timeline is September 2016 to August 2018.

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