Admin Report for April 4, 2023


  • SPLOST AND LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated March 30, 2023 reflect collections reported for February. For that period, SPLOST collections were $1,022,793.39 which is a $33,695.79 (4.17%) decrease over the same period last year. LOST collections were $622,012.4o which is a $47,296.63 (9.24%) decrease over the same period last year. This drop in collections means that revenue from sales tax dropped a total of $80,992.42 compared to the same time last year.
  • BUDGET:  Budget planning is underway for F/Y 2023-2024. Budget meetings with all departments, elected officials, and certain agencies (24 scheduled meetings) are to be complete on Monday April 10.
  • GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF AUDITS:  We received a letter confirming a clean audit with no negative findings for F/Y 2022.


    • 1960s Courthouse: Construction continues to come along well.  The Piedmont patio is completed.  Trim is 80% completed Electrical switch gear is in.  Elevators are 80% completed.  Beginning to order Furniture
    • Administration Building: Renovation work is to begin in May
    • Public Works: Building renovations should commence in the coming weeks.
    • Salacoa Park Buildings (Phase 1): The concession stand renovations were delayed due to the juvenile court facility project and will begin as soon as that project is completed.
    • Tennis Courts: The Tennis Courts project will begin at the end of May 2023.
    • Evidence Building Morgue: Stakeholder meetings are scheduled for April 13th
  • GEO-PERMITTING:  Code Enforcement is completed. Planning and Zoning is completed. Business Licenses is almost completed. Beginning Public Works Permits the week of April 10th
  • IMPACT FEES:  Met with City of Calhoun and Jerry Weitz on March 21st
  • 2024 SPLOST:
    • Prepared a draft list of all department SPLOST requests
    • Prepared a draft SPLOST distribution chart
    • Prepared a draft cut of department request to match the county’s distribution
    • Scheduled individual meetings with municipalities for the week of Mar 20th
    • Met with all Municipalities individually
    • All Municipalities meeting on April 11th
    • Planning a groundbreaking event
    • Listing potential Lift Zones
    • Paige Nipper from Comcast stated that they will be present at the April 18th Board meeting
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The Gordon County Development Authority met last week and received a report on economic development from Kathy Johnson.
  • SONORAVILLE RECREATION PARKING LOT:  We continue to have discussions with the County Schools for assistance with students parking at the Sonoraville Recreation center. Unfortunately, some students have used the parking lot for improper and illegal purposes including fights, drug activity, and vandalism.


  • Met with Cigna Health Insurance Rep
  • Gave Driveway requirements to Boone Ford road subdivision developer
  • Discussed requirement for entrance on Belwood Road with Apartment Developer
  • Preparing to speak at a Statewide UGA/ACCG Cyber Arch seminar next week.
  • Spoke to Rotary with Paul Worley on the Comprehensive Plan and impact of Development on the County.

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