Gordon County Board of Commissioners
Regular Session Agenda

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
Judicial Building Assembly Room – 6:00 PM
Online at https://vimeo.com/gordoncountygov

Call To Order

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Minutes

  1. Adopt minutes of Work, Executive, and Regular Session of March 21, 2023

Approval of the Agenda

Special Recognition

  1. March Employees Years of Service
  2. Telecommunicators Week Proclamation

Administrator’s Report

Commissioner’s Report

First Reading

  1. Proposed ULDC Amendment
  2. Adopt an ordinance to amend Article IV Sec. 2-101, 103-104 titled “Rules of Procedure”.

Public Hearing

Consideration of Unfinished Business

Consideration of New Business

  1. Request from Finance to approve budget amendments to the General Fund in the amount of $ 101,273; Chert Mine Fund in the amount of $ 18,723; and 2012 SPLOST Fund in the amount of $ 20,501.
  2. Request from Health Department to approve proposal from Momon Construction for storage building updates in the amount of $ 39,050. This will be budgeted using 2012 SPLOST funds.
  3. Request from Administration to approve proposal from Momon Construction for improvements to the Records Building in the amount of $ 369,181. This will be budgeted using 2018 SPLOST funds.
  4. Request from Ag Center to approve updates to the Ag Center break room area. This will require a budget amendment in the amount of $ 15,000 and will be budgeted using LOST overages.
  5. Request from IT to deem certain equipment as surplus items.
  6. Request from IT to approve agreement with T Tech, LLC and Worldpay US, Inc. to provide payment processor services for Schneider GeoPermits pending legal review. This agreement will be at no cost to the County.
  7. Request from Fire and Rescue to reclassify position titled Assistant Fire Chief to Assistant Chief of Administration. There will be no budget or personnel increase.


Author: County Clerk

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