Admin Report for April 9, 2019


  • SPLOST/LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated March 31, 2019 reflect collections reported for February 2019. For that period, SPLOST collections were $691,338.97 which is a $112,005 (19.33%) increase over the same period last year. LOST collections were $438,517.29 which is a $36,749.19 (9.15%) increase over the same period last year.
  • BUDGET:  County Administration and Finance have met with department directors, elected officials and outside agencies to review and discuss their budget requests. We are now compiling all budget requests and other information to prepare the recommended budget which is scheduled to be delivered on May 21st.


  • MCDANIEL STATION ROAD:  A section of McDaniel Station Road from Salem Road to Country Side Drive has been closed by State contractors from April 5 Through April 12.
  • HEALTH DEPARTMENT:  The Architects are preparing the bid package and construction documents so that the county can begin soliciting bids for selection of the general contractor. The County facilitated a meeting with the Architect and Health Department staff on April 3rd.
  • GOVERNMENT PLAZA 2nd Floor:  The Architects are proceeding with preparation of plans and specifications to solicit bids for construction. This project was approved by the voters as part of the 2018 SPLOST and the revenue for construction will be fully collected in July 2019.
  • SENIOR CENTER:  Planning is underway for an addition to the senior center as contemplated by the 2012 SPLOST.
  • BROOKSHIRE PARK:  Planning continues for the addition of amenities at the Park in accord with the 2012 SPLOST.
  • NEW SPLOST/CAPITAL PROJECTS:  Planning continues for several projects approved in the 2018 SPLOST referendum including the multi-purpose agriculture facility, new evidence building, new morgue and engineering for Mt. Olive Road.
  • ANIMAL CONTROL:  Animal Control opened on Saturday morning, April 6, for adoptions. There were no adoptions, but, we had three stray dogs dropped off; one owner surrender (dog); 8 phone calls concerning general questions; 1 person came in looking for a city dog they wanted to adopt; 1 person looking for a lost dog; and, another person looking for a lost cat. No groups or volunteers participated.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Taylor English Decisions is planning a half day retreat for stakeholders. Details are pending.
  • ACCG INSURANCE:  Gordon County received $86,691 from the ACCG-Group Self-Insurance Workers’ Compensation Fund. This is in addition to the annual dividend provided in the form of a premium credit in every year since 1996.
  • ANNEXATIONS:  The City of Calhoun has approved the annexation of two properties into the City. One property, a vacant lot, is .23 acres at 124 Dogwood Drive. The other property is a home and .43 acres at 112 Cherry Street. Both properties were unincorporated islands in the City.
  • EMA/HYPER REACH NOTICES:  The County held a Conference call and exchanged emails with EMA and Hyper Reach concerning late notices of severe weather events. Hyper Reach is implementing changes to provide more timely notices.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:  I.T. has launched an upgrade to the Munis financial software package; met with Verizon regarding efficiency of lines paid for; discussed options to digitize records; made important upgrades to data storage at the Sheriff’s Department and is evaluating solutions to future storage needs.
  • DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY:  Staff attended the meeting on March 26th at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • ADMINISTRATION STAFF:  Staff attended an ACCG Safety Grant Webinar on March 26th; the Administrator held a staff meeting on March 27th; H.R. and staff met with Cigna concerning a wellness program.
  • REDBONE RIDGES LANDFILL:  The Administrator and Staff met with Santek representatives on March 29th.
  • GENERAL ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE:  The General Administration Committee met on April 4th and gave Commissioner Owens an update on the various departments.
  • PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE:  The Public Works Committee met on April 8th and gave Commissioner Sexton an update on Public Works projects.
  • PENDING PROJECTS:  Staffing Contracts for temporary employment needs; Building the Program of Work; Employee Portal with access to Online Forms and Employee Benefits; Contract Management Software; the county is moving to the 2nd phase of the Map 21 Project to verify road locations and entity responsible for maintenance; and, preparation for the 2020 Census.

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