Administrator’s Report for April 11, 2017

Financial Update:

  • Budget Preparation:  The Finance Department is compiling the Administrator’s budget decisions and other information necessary to prepare the recommended budget that will be presented on May 16th, 2016.
  • Sales Tax Revenue:  Last month, Gordon County received $416,951.43 in Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) and $601,225.48 in Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) from the Georgia Department of Revenue. This collection reflects a 3.66 % decrease in both LOST and SPLOST revenue compared to March 2016 (report attached).
  • Proposed 2018 SPLOST Projects:  Project lists were received from the cities of Calhoun, Fairmount, Resaca, and Plainville. Pending receipt of the April 2017 sales tax proceeds, the SPLOST 2018 revenue projection will be updated and a compiled list of proposed projects will be reviewed by the Finance Committee for presentation to the Board of Commissioners in May. Once approved, a draft interagency agreement will be prepared.

Significant Projects & Activity:

  • Courthouse Renovation:  Architects from Heery, Carter Watkins, and Sizemore Group delivered presentations to Gordon County on Friday, March 31st. Heery and Carter Watkins were considered best qualified for the Courthouse renovation, and cost estimates have been requested.
  • Parks & Recreation Update:  Spring is heating up with Baseball/Softball season beginning on Monday, April 10, and the Resaca Battlefield moving to summer hours from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. The Parks & Recreation Department will be hosting the 8-year-old Dizzy Dean State Baseball Tournament in June.
  • Greenway Plan:  After posting the greenway concept plan on the county website, both positive and negative feedback were received. The routes are being updated based on public feedback, and the updated map will be posted later this week.
  • Building Inspections Update:  For the month of March 2017, the Building Inspections Department reported issuance of 2 commercial building permits, 4 single family home permits, 4 mobile home permits, and 2 poultry house permits.
  • Fire Department:  Gordon County is seeking to improve protocols for responding to emergencies in the Fairmount area. We will be meeting with the city leaders to discuss mutual response goals and explore the possibility of implementing an agreement to share resources that will improve public safety.

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