4/14/2015 BOC Work Session Minutes

APRIL 14, 2015

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners held a Work Session Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Administration building.

Chairman Hood called the meeting to order.

The Board discussed the agenda for the Regular Meeting and made no changes or additions.

Mrs. Ann Dimon came before the Board to speak about her concerns with the amount of trash that is evident on the roadways of Gordon County. Mrs. Dimon offered to help with this problem in any way that she could, she advised that she had been involved for about ten years in trying to help get trash cleaned up. She commended Mr. Harry Russell with the Sheriff’s Department for his efforts in helping to clean up trash in Gordon County.

Chief Deputy Robert Paris spoke to the Board and thanked Mrs. Dimon for her enthusiasm in calling attention to the problem of trash in Gordon County trying to help with the problem with the trash. Deputy Paris gave several statistics on the amount of trash collected by the crew from the Sheriff’s Department that work on the trash pickup. The numbers show that the trash crew is very active and busy and collects a huge amount of trash, but the amount of trash being thrown out is a lot more.

Mrs. Leola Prather came before the Board to speak about her concerns that the Ranger Fire Station is no longer manned and doing the business of answering fire emergencies on the east side of the county. Mrs. Prather commented about the citizens on that side of the county paying the same taxes but not being offered services like the rest of Gordon County.

Mr. Robert Groynn came before the Board to speak about his concerns with too many poultry houses being permitted and built in Gordon County. He had several suggestions that he wanted the Board to consider such as placing a moratorium on building new poultry houses in Gordon County; also, to assign a particular portion of the county where it would be the only place in the county where these poultry houses could be built such as a zone or park where all poultry houses in the county would be built in the future.

County employees, Mr. Tom Burgess, Director of the Building Inspection Department, Mrs. Ursula Desrosier, Planning and Development Department, and Mr. Barry Hice, Public Works Department all came before the Board to discuss their departments involvement in issuing permits to applicants for building poultry houses in Gordon County. Their comments were about addressing the ULDC’s rules concerning what is required and that have to be met to acquire a permit. Also, the Public Works Director commented on the damage to roads that the big poultry trucks use when serving the poultry houses and how the smaller county roads are not constructed to handle the large trucks. The Board asked that these three county employees get with the County Attorney and try to make some suggestions and recommendations of how the ULDC rules might could be changed to alleviate some of the problems concerning poultry houses.

County Administrator King informed the Board that he has been working on a location for the Board’s strategic planning meeting and had that he had some rooms on hold at the Brasstown Valley for May 22nd. County Administrator asked for Board approval to proceed with planning of this meeting at this location during this time period. There was agreement that he should continue to plan the meeting at this location. Commissioner Sexton advised that he would be unable to attend the strategic planning meeting.

Mrs. Debbie Vance, Director of the E-911 came before the Board to give an update and report on what is taking place in her department. She gave some information about a couple of house bills that were discussed in the recent Georgia legislature session and how her statewide E911 organization worked to defeat one of the bills that were negative to counties in Georgia. She also introduced two of her employees, Amy Ivey who was recognized recently at the Georgia Emergency Communication Conference as Supervisor of the Year in the State of Georgia, and Angie Gillman who was given the Leadership and Service award for the second time for the State of Georgia.

Commissioner Sexton made a motion to go into Executive Session for real estate matters. Commissioner Gazaway seconded the motion and all voted aye. Executive Session began at 5:45 p.m. Executive Session adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioner Cunningham made a motion to close the Work Session. Commissioner Sexton seconded the motion and all voted aye. There being no further business the Work Session adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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