Admin Report for April 16, 2019


  • Cash And Investment Report: The Cash and Investment Report dated April 15, 2019 is attached to your Work Session Material


  • Multi Purpose Agriculture Facility:  The Architects have prepared an overlay of the footprint of the facility on County Property at the fairgrounds.
  • Animal Control:  Staff will be meeting next week to prepare recommended changes to the Animal Control Ordinance to address issues including animals running at large and tethering.
  • Spillman Managed GIS:  Progress on improvements to the system continues.
  • Grand Jury:  I gave the Grand Jury the regular quarterly report on behalf of county government.
  • E-911:  E-911 hosted an open house today in recognition of Emergency Telecommunication’s week.
  • Murray County Chamber:  I attended a lunch in Murray County sponsored by its Chamber of Commerce. Governor Kemp was the featured speaker.
  • Weather Briefings:  County Staff and public safety officials attended weather briefings last Friday and Saturday. In addition, we stayed alert and monitored conditions overnight Saturday and published public notices over the internet and telephone. Thankfully the storms did not hit here as predicted and I have not seen any reports of weather related damage in our county.
  • Red Bud Fire Station:  County staff met with an environmental engineer onsite at Fire Station number 6 to verify the proposed location for test wells to determine if petroleum by-products have migrated under the highway from property across the Red Bud Road. We were assured that Gordon County would not be required to pay for clean-up of any environmental conditions discovered to have originated from across the Highway.
  • Tire Amnesty Day:  Tire Amnesty Day will be May 4. Citizens may dispose of up to 10 regular tires per person at no charge at Red Bone Ridges Landfill.
  • Public Safety Committee:  This committee met last week and received reports from Public Safety Officials.
  • Economic Development:  Taylor English Decisions expects to host a half day meeting of stakeholders on Friday, April 26. The meeting will be in Gordon County and more details will follow at another time.

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