Admin Report for April 19, 2022


  • BUDGET CALENDAR:  The recommended budget will be presented to the BOC and public on May 17. A public hearing on the budget will be held on June 7 at the BOC meeting and Budget Adoption is scheduled for June 21, 2022 to go into effect on July 1, 2022.
  • GEMA REIMBURSEMENT:  EMA was able to obtain confirmation that GEMA has approved reimbursement of funds spent by Gordon County to repair flood damage from the March 2021 flood event. The amount approved to date is $498,892.
  • ACCG SPECIAL CASH DISTRIBUTIION:  Gordon County has participated in the Georgia Self Insurance Workers Compensation Fund since 2015. This fund is owned by member counties through ACCG. Better than average results with investments and claims have enabled the Board of Trustees to declare a cash distribution. Gordon County’s share of the reimbursement is $110,876.
  • CARES ACT CERTIFIED PUBLIC SAFETY GRANT APPROVAL:  In the 2021 the Governor approved a payment from State CARES Act funds to pay up to $1,000 to qualified and certified public safety personnel. I am extremely happy to report our grant application has been approved in the amount we requested of $181,928.50. According to the State, we should receive the funds in about two weeks after approval and we will pay the funds out to the recipients at the next feasible payroll.


  • 1961 COURTHOUSE RENOVATION:  The Judicial Building will be fully functional with all courtrooms available on May 2nd. Administration has a meeting on April 27th to discuss the start of the 1961 Courthouse project with Momon Construction. Probate Court and Magistrate Court have moved to the Second Floor of the Government Plaza for the duration of the renovation. The County will turn over possession of the Old Courthouse to Momon Construction on May 2nd. The renovation is estimated to last up to 18 months. The area in front of the courthouse will be closed during construction. Also, the parking area closest to the building on the North side of the 1961 Courthouse will be closed in May as well and used for a staging area for construction.
  • CANDIDATES FORUM:  The Chamber of Commerce has announced a Candidates forum for those people who have qualified for the upcoming primary election. The Forum is scheduled to be held at the Sonoraville Recreation Center on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 6 pm.
  • E911:  Again, a big thank you to our E911 staff and employees. Several of us attended the appreciation banquet last Thursday evening where employees were recognized for years of employment with Gordon County and for distinguished service.
  • MISCELLANEOUS:  In addition to the items above, and regular duties, I have provided assistance to Finance; I.T.; the Tax Assessor; the Tax Commissioner; E911; Fire Department; Sheriff’s Department; Ordinance Enforcement; and, Planning and Zoning.

Author: Keith King

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