5/6/2013 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

Gordon County Historic Preservation Commission
May 6, 2013

Regular Meeting

Chairman Padgett called the meeting to order at approximately 5:30 p.m.; welcoming all in attendance. Minutes from April 1, 2013 meeting were presented for review and
approval. David Mitchell made motion to accept minutes; seconded by Betty Ann Surdykowski. All voted aye.

Unfinished Business

Chairman Padgett stated he will visit Resaca State Battlefield Park later in the week to check on progress of project. State Battlefield project will be delayed due to recent weather. He stated Fort Wayne was half under water due to all the rain the area has received recently. Trail system is currently being cut in at Battlefield Park project, roadway is complete, restroom facilities, as well as, pavilion are being constructed. Chairman Padgett handed out map of trail system at Resaca Battlefield State Historic Site. (map included with minutes). Park is anticipated to be open to public by mid July of this year.

Chairman Padgett has been working on text for historical sign at Fort Wayne site.  Site is anticipated to be open within the next few weeks.  The trail system will begin to be cut in this winter into Van Den Corput’s Battery.  Betty Ann Surdykowski stated seven writers will be traveling through the State of Georgia; part of FAM tours (familiarization tours). Stated they will be writing an article in regards to Fort Wayne Site and Resaca Battlefield Park.  David Mitchell was contacted by a lady in reference to her son working on his Eagle Scout badge and wanted to get information in reference to cleaning up a cemetery.  David Mitchell gave contact information to Betty Ann Surdykowski.

Gordon County Historic Society’s next meeting is May 16, 2013.  David Mitchell stated Historic Society had roof placed on Cook’s cabin.

Chairman Padgett stated Lorraine Potts was appointed to Calhoun Historic Preservation Commission.

GPS markers for historical markers will be placed on hold until colder weather.

New Business

Ursula informed HPC members that City of Resaca is creating their own zoning and business license department.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 5:30 p.m. Betty Ann Surdykowski made motion to adjourn. All voted aye.  Meeting was adjourned at
approximately 5:50 p.m.

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