Administrator’s Report for June 2, 2015

Finance Update:

  • Sales Tax:  April LOST revenue fell 4.44% ($24,042.22) and SPLOST revenue fell 4.65% ($35,626.82) from the prior year collections. Fiscal year to date collections remains positive with a 1.96% increase (report attached).
  • FY-2015/2016 Budget:  A budget public hearing was advertised and held during the Board’s regular session on June 2nd. Time was allocated between May 20th and June 2nd to conduct budget workshops, and a workshop has been scheduled for June 2nd during the board’s work session at the request of the Coroner and Public Defender.

Project Update:

  • Red Bud Road Fire Station:  Calhoun Commercial Construction reported they will begin framing the Red Bud Road Fire Station next week, having completed all concrete and steel erection. 3rd of roof complete, and the upper floor should be poured next week. The contractor has advised that their project timeline is under review and an update will be provided later this week.
  • Parking Deck Construction:
    • Striping has been completed on the parking deck and signage was delivered. The signs will be installed when the mounting brackets are fabricated by the Public Works Department.
    • Spalling was identified on a section of the concrete and subsequently repaired by the Atlanta Structural Concrete, who had designed and fabricated the precast. These repairs were validated last Saturday and appeared satisfactory.
    • Proposals for parking deck security cameras will be accepted until June 24th, and a mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on June 3rd.
  • George Chambers:  Ten contractors participated in a pre-bid meeting today for the George Chambers construction contract. Proposals will be accepted through June 16th.
  • Mental Health Facility:  The draft contract remains under legal review by the service provider.
  • Courthouse Renovation:  Pieper O’Brien Herr completed their interviews with key personnel that will be affected by the Courthouse renovation. POH architects are now working with ECS Southeast LLC to determine a base costs for repairing the bank building. We expect to receive their recommendation for repairs and modifications by June 30th. A financing package will be prepared and presented in July.

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