Admin Report for June 5, 2018


  • SPLOST/LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated May 31, 2018 reflect collections reported for April 2018. For that period, SPLOST collections were $714,995.81 which is a $36,428.32 (5.37%) increase over the prior year. LOST collections were $495,851.25 which is a $25,259.70 (5.37%) increase over the prior year.
  • BUDGET:  The Board of Commissioners will vote on approval of the recommended budget for F/Y 2018-2019 at the next meeting to be held on June 19th.
  • H/B 489; Service Delivery Strategy:  Due to a lack of agreement, I will be asking to extend the deadline to file an agreement to October 31, 2018.
  • Comprehensive Plan:  The proposed plan is under review at DCA. The BOC will need to adopt it by resolution after DCA approval.


  • Animal Shelter:  We have a regular onsite meeting with the architect and general contractor this Thursday, June 7 at 11 a.m. The walls are about complete and the roof should be going up quickly.
  • Grand Jury:  I attended the Grand Jury yesterday to deliver the quarterly report on the state of the county and answer questions.
  • New Health Department:  I attended a meeting at the old Health Department to begin the design phase for the New Health Department that is funded by the 2012 SPLOST. The county has collected approximately $2.9 million dollars for engineering, design and construction. The State will provide the furniture fixtures equipment and technology. Architect, Ben Carter, attended the meeting and determined that there is no value to saving the old building due to rot, synthetic stucco, age, and old plumbing. The SPLOST agreement contemplates the old building will continue to operate until the new building is complete and it will then be demolished. A preliminary timeline would have construction commencing January 2019 and occupancy in January 2020.
  • Flash Floods:  Portions of the county experienced flash flooding on the weekend of May 18-20. At one point, 23 roads were closed due to extreme amounts of rain that fell in a very short time. I extend a special thanks to all of our public works and public safety workers who responded to the floods in the middle of the night.
  • L.G. Hausys:  L.G. has offered to donate the countertops for the new animal shelter. Gordon County continues to appreciate L.G., its benevolence and investment in our community.
  • Nickelsville Road:  The DOT is beginning preliminary studies to identify cultural or historic assets that may be impacted by replacement of 2 bridges over the Coosawattee River near Davis Road and Nesbitt Loop.
  • Tax Assessment Notices:  Dana Burch reports that tax assessment notices were mailed on June 1, 2018. The last day for citizen appeals will be July 16, 2018. Dana and the assessor’s office have done a good job getting the notices out several weeks earlier than last year.
  • DFCS Lease:  The State of Georgia has exercised its option to extend its lease of the DFCS building on Mauldin Rd. for another year at the monthly rental rate of $26,333.80.
  • Hands Free Law:  We have distributed a memo regarding the new hands free law that takes effect on July 1.
  • Calhoun Annexation Requests:  The County has received notice of 3 requests to annex property into the municipal limits of Calhoun. The properties are on 1. South Wall Street next to Rite Aid; 2. At the corner of Richardson Road and Peters Street; and 3. Located behind Gordon Hospital and Holly Hills Apartments.

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