6/6/2011 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

Regular Meeting
Chairman Padgett called the meeting to order at approximately 6 p.m. welcoming all in attendance. Minutes from May 2, 2011 meeting were presented for review and approval. Jane Powers Weldon made motion to approve minutes; seconded by R. Stanley Chambers. All voted aye.

Unfinished Business

  • Chairman Padgett stated there was no new information to report on Resaca Battlefield Park or Fort Wayne Park projects. He stated Department of Natural Resources has placed the signage at Highway 136 for Resaca Battlefield Park.
  • Chairman Padgett stated the cemetery project is ongoing and directions are still needed for several cemeteries.
  • David Mitchell stated a Boy Scout troop has started to clean up the Amanda Frix Cemetery and will return on June 11th to complete the clean up at this cemetery. David Mitchell stated he met with another Boy Scout troop in reference to clean up of the Langston Cemetery and resetting of several head stones.
  • Chairman Padgett informed HPC members that prior to the Civil War Reenactment that a strong storm blew down 2 large trees in the Confederate Cemetery destroying several large markers in the cemetery. He stated the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Civil War reenactors and the Friends of Resaca worked together to clean up the trees.
  • A brief update was given on progress of Gordon County Historical Society by R. Stanley Chambers and Jane Powers Weldon.
  • Jane Powers Weldon informed HPC members that the City of Calhoun has bought the Bailey garage property. She stated the building will be demolished and a pocket park will be placed at the property, which would possible assist in the sale of the Bradley building next door.
  • Chairman Padgett stated a gentleman by the name of Will Henley, is in charge of State historic markers. He stated a grant has already been received approximately a year ago and that all the historic markers in Gordon County could possibly already have GPS locaters. A list of historic markers in Gordon County was handed out to HPC members.

New Business

  • Two HPC members, Kenny Padgett and Jane Powers Weldon, whose terms are expiring, will be voted on by Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, June 7th for reappointment.
  • David Mitchell informed HPC members that he has picked up a truck load of marble markers from a lady in Nelson, Georgia.
  • Chairman Padgett stated the Town of Resaca has approached him about assisting with getting the Ingle House on the National Registry.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 6 p.m.. David Mitchell made motion to adjourn; seconded by Jane Powers Weldon. Meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:23 p.m.. All voted aye.

Author: spadgett

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