Administrator’s Report for June 6, 2017

Financial Update

  • Budget Preparation: The proposed budget will need to be Adopted on June 20, 2017 by resolution in the Commission meeting.
  • 2012 SLOST Collections: LOST and SPLOST collections were up slightly over the same period last year. LOST was up 2.04% ($9,385.84); SPLOST was up 2.04% ($13,550.53).
  • 2018 SPLOST: You have been given a proposed collection schedule for the 2018 SPLOST. If you desire to change the order of collection, we need to know as soon as possible If no changes, the next step is to set the meeting with the cities for adoption of the joint resolution.

Significant Projects and Activity

  • Courthouse Renovation: We held a meeting on May 24 to review the schematic plans. The meeting was well attended by stakeholders in the new building and the schematic design has been modified based upon this discussion. Meeting minutes and schematic plans are available for your review.
  • Animal Shelter: We reviewed the schematic design on May 23 and some modifications to the plans were made. A preliminary cost analysis has been received. We continue to work on the fire loss claim. Schematic plans and the cost estimate are available for your review.
  • Comprehensive Plan: The first Public Hearing was held at the Agriculture Center on May 25th at 9:00 a.m. and about ten people attended.
  • Salacoa Park: The 40 year old septic system was repaired. The repair was much less expensive than we had anticipated.
  • Water Tank Road: The road is closed and impassable due to a wash out during heavy rains on June 5, 2017. Steve Paris has obtained estimates for repair that are being evaluated. We will need to wait until the waters recede so measurements can be taken.
  • E-911: 8557 calls were received in May 2017. The total calls year to date are 92,294. The number of calls averages about 257/day. By comparison, E-911 received 8,174 calls in May of 2016 and averaged 256 calls per day last year.
  • Slab Moisture at Government Plaza: Water has been observed accumulating under carpet tiles in a portion of the building. This area had been tested for moisture during renovation and the levels were acceptable. The architects have suggested a firm to evaluate the issue and the firm’s proposal is under consideration.
  • Trail Master Plan: This project is moving forward with preliminary plans out for collaboration.

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