6/7/2010 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes

Regular Meeting
Chairman Padgett called the meeting to order at approximately 6:10 p.m., welcoming all in attendance. Chairman Padgett presented May 3, 2010 minutes for review and approval. Chairman Padgett expressed his appreciation for Vice Chairman Surdykowski for overseeing the May 3, 2010 meeting. David Mitchell made motion to approve minutes; seconded by Betty Ann Surdykowski. All voted aye.

Unfinished Business

  • Chairman Padgett gave brief overview of meeting attending at governor’s office in regards to Battlefield project. He stated the meeting was a disappointing/positive meeting.
  • Department of Natural Resources agreed to hold monies left over from roadway, interpretative trails and signage for at least 24 months in an account and not turn the monies in to the states general fund. During this time donations or grants could be obtained to add to the money for Battlefield project.
  • Chairman Padgett stated the conservation easement on the Chitwood Farm should be ready this month or early next month. He stated once the easement is signed and documented it will protect the 488 acres from being developed in the future, as well as ensuring the local reenactment can be held on the land annually.
  • Betty Ann Surdykowksi gave brief overview of Canton training she attended. She stated it was an interesting training with those in attendance mostly from the North Georgia area.

New Business

  • Chairman Padgett stated there are approximately 180 cemeteries documented, which includes 30 cemeteries that were undocumented before starting the cemetery project. He stated this project has been one of the most fascinating and enjoyable projects he’s been involved with. He stated the project will resume once the foliage has died.
  • Chairman Padgett questioned the HPC if there were any future project they would like to pursue. R. Stanley Chambers stated he will be talking with a Boy Scout group on July 7, 2010 in reference to their troop possibly cleaning/maintaining a cemetery. Chairman Padgett stated they could earn merit badges and that the HPC would love to work with them.
  • David Mitchell stated he is interested in obtaining directions and/or mileages from a certain location in the county to cemetery locations. There was a brief discussion among the HPC members in regards to this.
  • There was brief discussion reference to cemeteries that have not yet been located. Betty Ann Surdykowski questioned approximately how many cemeteries were left to document; Chairman Padgett stated approximately 25. David Mitchell stated between 20 – 30 cemeteries were left to document.
  • Chairman Padgett stated this summer would be a good time to work on directions and/or mileages for the cemeteries. David Mitchell volunteered to drive if someone else would document mileage. Chairman Padgett stated Wednesdays would be a good day and anyone interested could help with this.
  • Betty Ann Surdykowski questioned if the properties listed in the historic survey, completed by Marla with MACTEC, if the property owners were aware they have an historic property. She stated maybe the HPC could check with other community HPC’s to see how they deal with this.
  • Chairman Padgett stated he will try to get a guest speaker for the July 5, 2010 meeting from Dalton Historic Preservation Commission to give the HPC some ideas.
  • Chairman Padgett stated he will need some help with finishing up the National Register for cemetery and Fort Wayne sites.
  • R. Stanley Chambers asked for an update on the Battlefield project. Chairman Padgett the road, trails, signage, and restroom are projected to be built. He stated the building will be redesigned to reflect a building more traditional from that time period.
  • Chairman Padgett informed HPC members that Red Top Lodge will be closing in July.
  • David Mitchell made mention of possibly conducting tours of historic places in Calhoun as well as cemetery tours for tourism in Gordon County. There was brief discussion regarding this.
  • Chairman Padgett stated the bronze statues on the monument at Hwy 225/Hwy 41 is in need of repairs.

Chairman Padgett stated next meeting will be Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 6 p.m… Betty Ann Surdykowski made motion to adjourn; seconded by David Mitchell. Meeting was adjourned at 6:52 p.m.

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