Administrator’s Report for June 21, 2016

Financial Update

  • Recommended Budget:  Following approval of the budget resolution for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017, the adopted budget will be uploaded to the county website, provided to the local newspaper, and placed at the County Clerk’s office and Library for public viewing.

Major Projects

  • Health Department:  The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is planning to relocate their Gordon County offices into other state facilities within Bartow and Floyd by late 2018. Their current Gordon County offices, adjacent to the Health Department, were identified as a possible location for replacing the existing Health Department building. This building is scheduled for replacement using 2012 SPLOST proceeds. With assistance from Representative Meadows, the DNR has offered to accelerate their relocation timeline with the subsequent goal of affecting a transfer of the property from the State of Georgia to Gordon County Government as early as mid-2017. With tentative concurrence from both the Department of Natural Resources and Health Department, the concept is pending a written agreement from the State of Georgia.
  • George Chambers Resource Center:  The George Chambers Resource Center expansion, funded by the State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs through a Community Development Block Grant, Gordon County Government, and the George Chambers Resource Center, is now complete and fully operational. A ribbon cutting and open house was held June 21, 2016.
  • Building Renovation:  Following bid approval and budget adoption, a construction contract will be presented to the commission during the first scheduled meeting in July 2016 for the renovation of the Government Plaza. The renovation will include code upgrades, interior work-flow modifications; replacement of roof mounted air-conditioning units, roof replacement, replacement of an underground sewer line spanning the building, increased public restrooms/plumbing capacity, and building modifications for customer’s will special needs.
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch:  The e911 Center staff has completed their evaluation of bid proposals to replace the center’s CAD system. A bid recommendation and contract will be presented to the Board of Commissioners next month.

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