Admin Report for July 9, 2019


  • SPLOST/LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated June 30, 2019 reflect collections reported for May 2019. For that period, SPLOST collections were $804,478.61 which is a $86,314.17 (12.02%) increase over the same period last year. LOST collections were $510,229.09 which is a $12,170.76 (2.44%) increase over the same period last year.


  • DEWS POND RD. DOT PROJECT:  Steve Parris met with the Project Manager with Comanche Bridge, the project is on schedule and he sees no problem meeting the 45 days dead Line. This should put the road reopening date around July 25th.
  • HEALTH DEPARTMENT:  County Departments and the Health Department have reviewed the drawings and project manual submitted by Carter and Watkins. The new facility will contain 11,310 square feet of offices for nurses, nutritionists, exam rooms, environmental health, a pharmacy, wellness, a conference room and administrative areas. The current Health Department Facility was built in 1961 and is now 58 years old. The building was expanded in the 1970’s to contain about 8,500 square feet. The age and poor condition of the structure of the old facility rendered it infeasible to renovate it for future use and it will be declared surplus and demolished at completion of the new project. This project is funded by collected SPLOST money as approved by the citizens in a county-wide vote.
  • GOVERNMENT PLAZA 2nd FLOOR:  The County continues to move toward commencement of the renovation of the second floor of the Plaza as the first step toward renovation of the Courthouse and Annex. Upon completion of the second floor, the occupants of the Annex will move to the new Plaza space and renovations to the Annex will begin. We expect project completion on the second floor in the first half of 2020. The second floor of the Plaza and Courthouse projects are funded by collected SPLOST money as approved by the citizens in a county-wide vote.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT:  The Gordon 25 committee members will meet on July 19 at the Agriculture Center beginning at 7:30 a.m. This committee will be discussing the recommendations of Taylor English Decisions for a county wide plan that includes goals such as: continuing/development of cooperation among city and county leaders; industry retention and recruitment; workforce development; and, marketing of community assets.
  • SPLASH PAD:  The 2018 SPLOST includes a capital project for a Splash Pad at Sonoraville Rec. We expect that Splash Pad to be installed and operational next summer.
  • ANIMAL CONTROL:  Animal Control hosted My Kids Have Paws at the Animal control facility. My Kids have Paws is a mobile spay/neuter clinic. The event was a success with over 40 animals spayed and neutered. These were animals owned by private citizens and were not Animal Control animals. My Kids Have Paws is expected to return this month. The Gordon County Commission has contracted with three veterinarians to pre-pay spay/neuter procedures for approximately 100 animals as they are adopted or are to be adopted from animal control. This will allow the county to continue the reduced fee adoptions at $25 per animal which is a savings of about $65 over the usual fee. Animal Control is near its capacity with dogs and we need to get as many as possible adopted or rescued. The reduced fee incentive has helped, but, some dogs have been at the facility for several weeks or more.
  • BUILDING PERMITS:  For the period January 1 through June 30 2019, the county has issued the following building permits: 48 Single Family Homes; 38 Mobile Homes; 6 Commercial Buildings; 3 Industrial Buildings; and, 8 Agriculture projects.
  • ROAD DEPARTMENT:  I have attached a monthly report from Public works for your information.
  • E911:  Please see the attached 911 call information.
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY:  The I.T. department is working on several major projects including a review of service agreements to assure the county receives the most favorable pricing; collecting old equipment for surplus and recycling; additional security cameras at Sonoraville Recreation and the Road Department; assisting the Sheriff’s Office with its new body camera systems and related data storage requirements; upgrades to databases for GIS, Animal Control and Public Works, and routine work tickets.
  • 2020 CENSUS:  We are finalizing the complete count committee list. This committee should represent all of the community demographic and assist in trying to get all residents counted.
  • GDOT BRIDGE REPORT:  The County has received the annual GDOT Bridge report that rates all county bridges, defines repairs needed, and rates the conditions of the bridges.
  • MISCELLANEOUS ACTIVITIES:  The Recreation Department hosted a ball tournament and is reviewing the trails plan and planning for the new Splash Pad; the county concluded its last Leadership Luncheon for the class of 2019; Commissioner Owens, Keith King and I attended a Development Authority meeting; Keith King and I attended a called meeting of the Development Authority to discuss an existing industry expansion; we continue to work with HyperReach to improve emergency notifications; the Courthouse has been pressure washed and, we have begun to implement the new F/Y 2020 budget and related matters.

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