Administrator’s Report for July 11, 2017

Financial Update

  • LOST and SPLOST:  LOST and SPLOST collections were up slightly over the same period last year. LOST was up 3.54% ($16,466.57); SPLOST was up 3.53% ($23,731.90).
  • 2018 SPLOST:  Gordon County hosted a successful meeting on July 5th with representatives of Calhoun, Fairmount, Plainville and Resaca to discuss capital projects and the proposed SPLOST distribution. The timetable moving forward is: July 11th approve the Intergovernmental Agreement; July 18th resolution to call for referendum during November 7th election; August 5th Shea Hicks announces call for the referendum; November 7th vote is held; May 1, 2018 collections begin if referendum is passed.
  • Taxes:  Assessment notices were mailed June 21st. The final date to appeal is August 7th. So far, 79 appeals have been received. If the appeals stay low then we can expect preliminary digest numbers around July 25th.

Significant Projects and Activity

  • Courthouse Renovation:  Detailed cost estimating is underway to determine the estimated cost to construct the project as shown on the schematic design plans. We expect the report on July 24th.
  • Animal Shelter:  We remain on track to receive detailed plans and specifications in August with bids out in late August or early September. If the schedule holds, the bid for the General Contractor would be awarded in October with construction to follow. We continue to work on the fire loss claim and the latest activity was a second demolition estimate.
  • Comprehensive Plan:  A steering committee meeting is scheduled for Friday July 14 at 10:00 in the Calhoun Utilities meeting room.
  • Government Plaza:  The report on the water condensation issue has concluded that water vapor is probably permeating through the older part of the concrete slab. The proposed solution is to replace the non permeable carpet tile with permeable carpet tile. A small section will be tried first as a test. We have placed a red mat at the bottom of the back steps to delineate the transition from the steps to the floor. The mat was donated by Quality Mats.
  • DNR Property for Health Department:  I expect the deed to the property to be available by the end of the month. We have received demolition estimates for the 2 buildings. The environmental assessment is underway now.
  • Road Department:  Water Tank Road, the pipes are in but the water has been too high to complete the installation.
  • Red Bone Ridges Landfill:  We have received the remaining capacity report that Santek has filed with the EPD. For the period July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, Santek estimates it received 260,086 tons of waste. At the current rate of use, the landfill has a lifespan of 49 years or until year 2066.

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