Administrator’s Report for July 19, 2016

Financial Update

  • Fiscal Year End:  The FY2016-17 budgets were entered into the MUNIS financial management system earlier this month, and the Gordon County Finance Department continues to process remaining FY2015-2016 disbursements to close-out the previous fiscal year.

Major Projects

  • Building Renovation:  A preconstruction conference for the renovation of the Government Plaza Building was held last week by Momon Construction and attended by their subcontractors, Gordon County Officials and staff. Construction material and equipment are being ordered. The contractors are presently installing a pedestrian ramp at the front entrance of the building and the interior spaces are being readied for the framing next week of additional interior office space.
  • Fire Trucks:  An agreement to purchase three new Fire Trucks is under review by the county staff. The agreement is expected to be presented to the Board of Commissioners during the next meeting scheduled for August 2, 2016. This procurement will be paid entirely through 2012 voter approved SPLOST revenue.
  • Greenbelt and Blueways Trail System:  Pending the approval of a $50,000 budget amendment, Gordon County will accept a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to develop a feasibility study and master plan for a county wide trail system linking community facilities and resources through a series of walking and biking trails and waterways. Appropriate bid documents will then be prepared for solicitation to identify the vendor that will perform this work.
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch:  Following approval of the Spillman Technologies bid to replace the e-911 Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, a 5-year agreement with Spillman Technologies was prepared for consideration of the Board of Commissioners. Upon the approval of the purchase agreement, the county will begin coordination with Spillman to replace the existing system. Spillman will then provide an execution timeline for the equipment and software installation, data transfer, and training for all 911 operators during an initial start of work meeting.
  • Ranger Fire Station:  Design documents are completed for the Ranger Fire Station and applications have been received to fill three Firefighter positions. The advertisement is now closed and the applications are under review by the Fire Department.

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