Admin Report for July 19, 2022


  • CASH AND INVESTMENT REPORT:  This report is in your material for review.
  • LOST:  Gordon County hosted a second meeting regarding State mandated LOST renegotiations. Representatives from Calhoun, Resaca and Plainville attended. Fairmount Mayor Brannon was not able to attend but put forth his position in a letter that was considered in the meeting. No formal action was taken and the county expects to deliver a proposed agreement for public consideration in regular meetings by the Board of Commissioners and City Councils at the first of August.
  • TAX APPEALS:  Yesterday, Monday, July 18, 2022 was the last day to appeal tax assessment notices that went out about 45 days ago. Some appeals could still arrive by mail. Current numbers show 401 real property and 98 personal property appeals this year compared to 549 real and 118 personal last year. The assessments are intended to reflect the value of the property and overall assessments are then consolidated to form the net digest which will then be used by the County Commission and School Board to set the millage rate.
  • TAX DIGEST:  Tax Commissioner, Scott Clements, Chief Appraiser, Dana Burch, Finance Director, Andrea Bramlett and I met to review State law changes regarding Digest Submission and to establish a timeline to set the millage rate and establish the tax levy. Historically, the tax levy has been set at the second Commission meeting in September and that will likely be the date this year.
  • FINANCE DEPARTMENT:  We are aware that inflation is making a bad impact on all of us. In addition, the question of whether the Country will experience a recession seems to be not a matter of if, but, when. Therefore, the new Finance Director, with my full support, is looking at ways to tighten spending controls by measures including restricting credit card purchases, reducing blanket purchase orders, and more purchase order review to determine necessity and compliance with financial policy. I am sure we will have support from all departments and elected officials as we try to prudently spend and protect revenue.


  • COVID TASK FORCE:  The task force met last Tuesday. Local cases increased by 164 in the last month compared to 146 and 82 cases in the previous months. The hospital reported 5 Covid positive patients who were hospitalized for other reasons.
  • COURTHOUSE RENOVATION:  Gordon County hosted a project meeting on July 14. Judge Pat Rasbury, Judge Richie Parker and Elections Director Shea Hicks attended and offered commentary and suggestions for the renovated space they will occupy on completion. Regarding the project status, all major demolition is complete, first floor framing is beginning and elevator shaft footings are going in. There have been no negative impacts on scheduling so far.
  • EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT:  EMA Director Courtney Taylor and Assistant Wendy Saylors have completed their annual Crisis Coordinator certifications. The program is designed to familiarize a crisis coordinator with information to alert and support leadership before, during and after a crisis. Participation in the program also meets ACCG’s regional requirements for safety discounts and grant programs.
  • ANNEXATION NOTICE:  Calhoun has notified us that the owner of 5.13 acres on Outlet Center Drive (057B-092) has petitioned to annex into the City and rezone from A-1 to C-2. Part of this property adjoins Ookey Faith Park.
  • DEPARTMENTAL REPORTS:  The reports for June are available for your review.
  • TRIMBLE HOLLOW RD:  One of our new County industries, Momeni, hosted a meeting on the status of improvements to Trimble Hollow Rd. Momeni has acquired land and a building that are subject to the condition of zoning from February 23, 2021that the developer must make improvements to Trimble Hollow Road acceptable to the county prior to issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The developer reports that, although road work has not begun, the project may be complete in 4-6 weeks based on reports from others.
  • CODE REVISIONS TO CONSIDER:  I received a couple of insights from the Planning and Zoning department. As the move to “Green” energy solutions spreads, people are becoming more interested in solar “farms”. A number of jurisdictions in Georgia have regulations in place regarding solar farms for issues such as glare, distance from property lines and vegetative screens. Also, the proliferation of short term rentals is now impacting Gordon County neighborhoods. Like other counties, we may need to consider some rules on short term rental properties.
  • RADIO COMMITTEE:  The radio committee met with Dalton Communications last week to continue the process to enhance emergency radio overage across the county. An example of these improvements is the tower site request by Dalton Communications on the agenda tonight.
  • GCCMA:  Keith King and I attended the NW region meeting of the Georgia City and County Managers Association last week in Rome. This informal meeting allowed us to discuss regional concerns and solutions. Of course the inflation and job vacancies are a common problem.

Author: Keith King

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