Administrator’s Report for August 2, 2016

Financial Update

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  Gordon County received $468,438.38 in Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenue and $671,612.95 in Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) revenue during July 2016. These values reflect a $22,464.45 (4.58%) decrease in LOST and a $32,263.00 (4.56%) decrease in SPLOST funds compared to July 2015.

Major Projects

  • Building Renovation:  A progress review meeting was held on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 to assess the status of the renovation. The building access ramp concrete has been poured and hand rails are pending installation. Interior framing is underway and underground sewer lines are being replaced. Momon Construction is reviewing changes received from the Pieper O’Brian to adjust the Voter Registration & Elections office space to avoid support beams identified by the contractors. A separate restroom was eliminated to avoid the additional cost of replacing underground sewer lines damaged due to their age.
  • Fire Trucks:  An agreement to purchase three new Fire Trucks with 2012 voter approved SPLOST revenue is presented to the Board of Commissioners for approval. Upon receipt of this agreement, the vendor will assemble and deliver the equipment within 12 months.
  • Greenbelt and Blue-ways Trail System:  The Parks & Recreation Department is working with the Purchasing Department and Appalachian Regional Commission to finalize a plan for contractor selection. This effort will be funded primarily through ARC funds to acquire a master plan for a county wide trail system linking community facilities and resources through a series of walking trails, biking trails, and waterways.
  • E911 System Upgrades:  The new phone system is now in place at e911. Several problems were identified regarding the accuracy of the caller ID function and call playback functions, which have since been fully resolved. The county continues to work with AT&T to make final adjustments to voice quality and volume on the center’s administrative and trunk lines. Coordination with Spillman to replace the existing e911 Computer-Aided Dispatch system is pending a start of work meeting with the contractor.
  • Ranger Fire Station:  Initial design documents for the renovation of the Ranger Fire Station are being coordinated between the Fire Department and the Building Inspector. Four firefighter candidates have been tentatively selected pending initial employee screening.

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