8/2/2016 BOC Work Session Minutes

AUGUST 2, 2016

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners held a Work Session Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Administration Building

Vice Chairman Steward called the meeting to order.

The Board discussed each item on the agenda for the Regular Meeting and made no changes or additions.

Vice Chairman Steward announced that the presentation to two Scouts scheduled to be presented their proclamations are not in attendance. That presentation will be made at the Regular Meeting if they should be in attendance at that time.

Mr. Jonathan Ray with the North Georgia Community Action came before the Board and gave an update and answered questions concerning the services offered by his company under the Section 5311 Van Program for Gordon County.

Commissioner Kevin Cunningham made a motion to open the public hearing for public comments regarding amendment to the ordinance for backyard chickens, for the amendment for the ordinance for grass and weeds, and for the amendment for the ordinance for indoor shooting ranges. Commissioner Sexton seconded the motion and Commissioners Cunningham, Sexton, Gazaway and Steward voted aye.

County Attorney Ledbetter spoke to the Board and advised that there are three people signed to speak at the public hearing. He advised that there are three ordinances that are being considered for amendment and that the Board would like to hear any comments the three people would make regarding restrictions, etc. and address any suggestions made by them. Mrs. Diane Lanier commented that she felt good progress was being made on the ordinance for grass and weeds and the ordinance for backyard chickens, but felt that several areas should be addressed such as downed limbs and also dead trees; open carports with trash; she wants to go to 3 acres instead of 2 acres; asked that fence regulations be clarified and fences for chickens should be in backyards not front yards, some restrictions regarding disposal of droppings and dead chickens should be addressed. Mr. Gary Beisser came before the Board to speak about the indoor shooting ranges ordinance. Mr. Beisser commented that the amendments are really good proposals and hopes that the current shooting range will be grandfathered in, if not, then there is still a problem, especially with odor and does not meet lead standards. Mr. Scott Workman commented on the shooting range ordinance and thanked the county attorney for the work done on that ordinance. His problem with the current shooting range was that the business license was for a retail store not a gun range and he asked that it be grandfathered in to meet the new amendments.

Commissioner Sexton advised that he wanted to make a statement on the ordinance amendments. He stated that he is ok with the 2 acres on the backyard chickens, or it could be left as it is. He felt chickens should be “contained” not just fenced in. He said that regarding the grass and weeds ordinance, curb appeal is most important, a nice yard will bring more dividends to the value of the property than an upgrade inside, and that 12 inch height was sufficient and he wanted the ordinance to protect the home owners’ investment in their property, the whole area has an effect on any one property. On the gun range ordinance, his only concern is with the decibel level.

There were no other citizens signed up to speak at the public hearing. Commissioner Gazaway made a motion to close the public hearing. Commission Cunningham seconded the motion and Commissioners Gazaway, Cunningham, Sexton, and Steward voted aye. Motion passed.

County Attorney Ledbetter advised that the next item to come before the Board is concerning
property that is across from the airport, it was platted as a subdivision many years ago. Mr. Ted Corwin came before the Board to discuss several quitclaim deeds that he is requesting the Board execute regarding a plat of a proposed road that was never built. He is requesting that the property platted for a road be quitclaimed to the property owners on the road. County Attorney Ledbetter commented that this road is of no public benefit for use to the citizens of Gordon County and has never been used by the citizens. The quitclaim deed says that Gordon County has no interest in this road that never existed. Mr. Corwin added that from the standpoint of title insurance, by virtue of the fact that it was never used by the public – it is a title issue. There was a consensus to add this item to the Regular Meeting agenda.

Commissioner Sexton made a motion to close the Work Session. Commissioner Gazaway seconded the motion and all voted aye.

There being no further business the Work Session adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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