Administrator’s Report for August 16, 2016

Financial Update

  • Tax Digest:  The tax digest was received from the Tax Assessor and presented to the Finance Committee last week. The Finance Committee discussed a rollback from 9.930 mils to 9.853 mils to meet projected budgetary requirements during FY-2016-17. Upon approval, the schedule with 5-year history will be published prior to adoption of the new millage by the Board of Commissioners.

Major Projects

  • Building Renovation:  The underground sewer lines have been replaced, wheel chair ramp installed, interior framing nears completion, and drywall sheets were delivered. Air sample testing has been completed, and the initial results were negative for asbestos contamination. A recommendation by the contractor to replace the overhead septic lines is under consideration. The next project meeting is planned for Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Momon Construction will provide an update to the Board of Commissioners in September.
  • Greenbelt and Blue-ways Trail System:  The Parks & Recreation Department has finalized their acquisition plan and is coordinating with the Gordon County Purchasing Department and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC). A draft RFQ has been prepared for solicitation of qualified planners to prepare a master plan for a county wide trail system linking community facilities and resources through a series of walking trails, biking trails, and waterways. This effort will be funded primarily by the ARC and partially by local funds.
  • Ranger Fire Station:  Construction documents for the renovation of the Ranger Fire Station are being finalized for bid solicitation. The new Firefighter candidates satisfactorily completed their employee screening and will be a part of the first class of city and county firefighters to receive their initial training through a new joint City/County training program.

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