Administrator’s Report for August 16, 2022


  • CASH AND INVESTMENT REPORT:  This report is in your material for review.
  • LOST:  Gordon County will be submitting a State Mandated LOST certificate this week. This is the LOST distribution the County approved at the last meeting. LOST revenue substantially reduces the taxes Gordon County residents pay on their property. For instance, in the last year, Gordon County has had a millage rate of 9.515 (the lowest in ten years). Without the Local Option Sales Tax, the millage rate would have been 12.9224 to collect the same amount of revenue.
  • TAX DIGEST:  We continue to expect to approve the Tax Digest and Tax Levy at the Commission meeting on September 20, 2022.
  • EMPLOYEE RETENTION PAY:  Certain qualified full time and permanent part time employees received retention pay checks last week. This payment was from the second round of American Rescue Plan funds on behalf of essential Gordon County employees.


  • BROADBAND:  Comcast will be sending a representative to the Commission meeting on September 6 to provide a status report and answer questions on the project to bring high speed internet to unserved areas of the community.
  • COURTHOUSE RENOVATION:  Framing is 90% on the first floor and 80% on the second floor and 50% on the third floor.
  • SENIOR CENTER:  Renovation is underway. Demo areas and new framing are completed. The Senior Center continues to provide services at its temporary location at the Calhoun Recreation Center.
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES:  The EMS Quality Review Committee met last week. Advent Health Gordon reported on the Non Emergency Transport (NET) service provided by an independent contractor with the Hospital. The NET service transports non emergency patients and frees up advanced life support ambulances for emergencies. There were 61 NET calls dispatched in May compared to 7 in July after a full implementation of the NET service by Advent.
  • REDBONE RIDGES LANDFILL:  I met with several representatives from Republic Waste Services to review operations including the extension of leases of equipment from Gordon County to Republic, the closure/post closure account reporting, convenience sites and cubic yards consumed.
  • TRIMBLE HOLLOW RD. OWR, LLC:  developer of property on the North side of Trimble Hollow Road at Highway 41, will begin improvements to a portion of Trimble Hollow as early as August 29th. OWR will be coordinating with Public Works regarding any necessary road closures.
  • YOUNG PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Grant Walraven hosted the Young Professionals at the Judicial Building last week and gave a tour of the facility. I was asked to attend and say a few words on the importance of sales tax revenue in funding the renovations to the building and to county government operations.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE:  Gordon County will host a public hearing on the Comprehensive Plan update on Tuesday August 30th at 4 p.m. in the Assembly Room. Several of the members of the young professionals have expressed an interest in the comprehensive plan process.


  • Keith King reports:
    • Community Partnerships – I am working with local colleges to establish a method of obtaining applicants for job opportunities. Shorter University has responded and they have emailed out our Senior Accountant position to all of their business students.
    • State of the County Address – will take place on Aug 26th
    • Comprehensive Plan – Advertised for the public hearing, prepared a proposed stakeholders list, and scheduled stakeholder meetings.
    • Broadband Grants – Read up on the latest grants from Gov. Kemp, Spoke with the NWGRC. Joined Mr. Ledbetter in a video call with Andy Macke.

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