Admin Report for August 18, 2020


  • TAX DIGEST:  We continue to review the information necessary to submit the digest and set the millage rate. As I reported two weeks ago, projected net revenue is down about $680,000. The current millage rate is 9.631. It appears the new millage rate could reflect a slight rollback to 9.597. These numbers are estimates only and may be subject to change.
  • COVID RELIEF FUND:  The Board of Commissioners approved the Agreement between Gordon County and the State of Georgia for receipt of the County’s share of the Covid Relief Fund revenue. The State allocated a portion of the Federal money it received to the counties and cities based on population. Upon submission of the agreement to the State, Gordon County received $607,741 which is a phase one 30% allocation. The County now must file a claim with the State showing expenditure of that money. Upon approval of that claim, the County may be eligible to claim the 70% allocation of $1,418,062. All of these filings are due before September 1st.


  • COVID-19:  Gordon County continues to participate in the COVID-19 task force meetings on a weekly basis. This task force was formed in early March and includes open discussion between EMA; Calhoun P.D; Fire; and Administration; E-911; GEMA; Calhoun City Schools; The Gordon County Schools; Plainville; Resaca; Fairmount; Several Churches and the VAC; Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities; Advent Health; the Department of Public Health; Gordon County Sheriff’s Office; Gordon County Fire Department; and, County Administration.
    Two employees in the Government Plaza have tested positive for the virus and are experiencing minor symptoms. Three others are awaiting test results. As a result, we have closed the Government Plaza at least for the remainder of this week while we clean and wait for test results to come in. In March, the County installed glass partitions, set up a sanitizing station in the offices in the Plaza (and elsewhere) and we have been following CDC guidelines. For the last several weeks, employee’s temperatures have been taken on arrival to work at the Plaza and anyone feeling sick has stayed home.
  • BROADBAND READINESS:  Chairman Hood and I plan to attend an online Broadband readiness seminar next week.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:   The Gordon Floyd Industrial Development Authority meets online tomorrow afternoon. Project Olympus that is to bring an $80 million dollar investment and 300 jobs to Gordon County Continues to move forward. Buc-ee’s continues its development towards a June 2021 opening. Estimates in the early stages of the Buc-ee’s project predicted it would generate $25 million dollars in annual non fuel sales. The project includes traffic signals at the intersection of Union Grove, Bellwood and Johnson Lake Roads.
  • EVIDENCE BUILDING AND MORGUE:  The Architect’s have redrawn the design to attempt to reduce costs and maximize functional space.
    • The EMS Quality Review Committee met last week.
    • The COVID Task Force met last week.
    • The Government and Community Affairs Committee met last week.
    • I have completed my semi-annual department head meetings and the results will be used to update the program of work to include completed, pending and new projects.
  • RECREATION:  The Recreation Department is planning to resume team sports in September including football, cheerleading, baseball and softball. The Department is following Guidelines from the CDC and National Organizations to keep our children, coaches and spectators safe.

Author: Keith King

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