8/20/2013 BOC Work Session Minutes

AUGUST 20, 2013

The Gordon County Board of Commissioners held a Work Session Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. in the conference room of the Administration Building.

Chairman Hood called the meeting to order.

The Board met with four architectural firms offering their services for design of the George Chambers Resource Center. The Center will be submitting an application for a Community Development Block grant and if awarded the grant, an architectural firm will be hired to design the restructuring of the existing facility.

The Board heard presentations from Killian Clark Partnership, Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau, Moreland Altobelli Associates, and Sutton Architectural Services. Board members completed a score sheet on each firm and their presentation. Following the presentations, the scores were compiled, and the firm determined to have the highest scores was Killian Clark Partnership.

There was a consensus of the Board to add an item to the Agenda to consider awarding the design services for the George Chambers Resource Center facility.

County Attorney Smith discussed with the Board the three options available to implement a Local Bidder Preference Policy revision. The Board had previously requested information about changing the County’s current policy. The first option the County Attorney explained is to offer a price match opportunity to the local vendor whose bid is within a designated percentage of the lowest non-local bid. This allows the local vendor to come down in price to match the non local bid within a specified time frame. In order to have that option, the local vendor has to be within a certain percentage. The second option is when the local bid is within a certain percentage of the non-local bid, then the contract is awarded to the local vendor at the higher price. The third option is the tied bid preference; under this option, the local vendor is awarded the contract if a non-local vendor and a local vendor’s bids are equal in price. The key to option one or option two is defining what is a local vendor and then deciding on the percentage.

There was a consensus of the Board to ask the County Attorney to prepare a written policy for consideration at the next meeting, but to leave the percentage blank, and to include the description of a local vendor to be, “a business located within Gordon County”.

The Board then discussed each item on the agenda and made no changes; one item had been added to the Agenda before the agenda discussion. Another item was added to the Agenda later in the meeting.

The Board heard from Judge Lane Bearden concerning his ADJUST program and his use of the Newtown Road facility. During the discussion Judge Bearden was asked by the Board if he would be willing to oversee and be responsible for the building. He would have the keys and would be responsible for coordinating the use and space of the facility by outside agencies. He and his staff would be responsible for unlocking and locking up of the facility, and any other instances of requests for use of the facility such as space needed or occasional use for meetings. Judge Bearden agreed to this arrangement.

There was a consensus of the Board to add this item to the Agenda for Board consideration of authorizing Judge Bearden to use the building for his program and to be responsible for the coordination of the use of the facility, authorize the Healing Hands program’s use of the facility, the M.A.T.S. program’s use of the facility, and the Dr. H program’s use of the facility. County Administrator explained that Dr. H evaluates residences to determine if they are eligible for disability through Social Security. All these services will meet the requirements of the grant.

Commissioner Sexton made a motion to adjourn the Work Session, Commissioner Gazaway seconded the motion and all voted aye.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Author: County Clerk

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