Admin Report for September 7, 2021


  • SPLOST AND LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated August 31, 2021 reflect collections reported for July 2021. For that period, SPLOST collections were $965,967.15 which is a $133,704.07 (16.07%) increase over the same period last year. LOST collections were $610,191.30 which is a $95,474.03 (18.55%) increase over the same period last year.
  • 5 YEAR HISTORY OF TAX DIGEST AND LEVY:  I have attached the 5 Year History of the Tax Digest and Levy. The Gross Tax Digest which is the value of all real and personal property in the County has grown from $1,958,451,749 in 2016 to $2,393,650,656 in 2022. The tax levy is estimated at $18,252,332 at a millage rate (tax rate) of 9.515 mills. This proposed millage rate is the lowest rate in the last 10 years. Because of actual growth in value (investments in the County and not inflation) of property in the County, net revenue is expected to increase $750,399 even with the lowering of the tax rate.
  • DIGEST CONSOLIDATIONS:  The County continues to review property value consolidations. It appears that the likely date for the BOC to set the millage rate will be at the regular meeting on September 21, 2021. We expect the timetable to be as follows:
    • Sat. Sept. 11 – run 5 year history in Calhoun Times
    • Monday, Sept 13 – Gordon County Schools set their millage rate
    • Tues, Sept 21 – Gordon County sets their millage rate


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  Phase One construction on the Courthouse Annex renovation and addition continues to proceed well. Phase Two consists of renovations to the Main Courthouse and is set to begin next February or March. Keith King has worked with all of the stakeholders to review furniture for the Judicial Building. Keith has also worked with all stakeholders of the Historic Courthouse to review the current plans and make sure the plans have been approved.
  • COVID-19 TASK FORCE:  The task force met this morning and received reports from many sectors of the community. Advent Gordon Hospital which is licensed for 69 patients currently has 114 patients. 61 of those patients are Covid positive, 24 are critical and 18 patients are on ventilators. 15 patients are on hold in the E.R. waiting on a room. EMA reports that in the last 11 days, Gordon County has increased by 552 Covid cases and 12 deaths. I have spoken with several of our local Medical Doctors and they consistently report that Covid is largely preventable if a person will do the following: 1. Get vaccinated to reduce the severity of the virus; 2. Wear a mask in public where social distancing is not possible; 3. Exercise social distance when possible; and, 4. Wash and sanitize your hands often.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The County continues to experience an unprecedented level of interest from developers of industry, industrial warehousing, residential and poultry farms. Prior to opening, Buc-ee’s gave free food to all first responders and public works.
  • BROADBAND:  Comcast has made a proposal to work with Gordon County to seek grants to bring high speed internet access to over 5,000 locations that currently do not have service.
  • COMMITTEE MEETINGS:  The Public Works Committee met on August 19, the General Administration Committee met on August 20, the Covid Task Force met on August 24,Staff of the Hospital participated in a zoom conference with County Staff and, the Development authority met on August 31.

Author: Keith King

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