9/16/2014 Administrator’s Report

Financial Update:

  • Budget Amendment:   A final budget amendment for fiscal year 2013/2014 is needed for audit purposes. We recommend that the board approve this final revision as explained on the attached amendment.

Project Update:

  • Fire Station Construction:  Preliminary cost estimates received for the Red Bud Fire Station (1.7 million) working through detail issues regarding number of quotes, details on certain bid packages and verifying what was quoted matches specifications.
  • Parking Deck:  A Pre-bid meeting was held September 10th to answer questions and provide a tour of the site prior to the September 23rd deadline for receiving bids. Electrical and data transmission line relocation costs are pending estimates from AT&T.
  • Small Project Bids:
    • Replacement Roof at Senior Center – bids due Sep 26th.
    • Replacement Fuel Station at Public Works – bids received Sep 10th.
    • Tractor and Boom Mower at Public Works – bids received Sep 12th.
    • Pest Control for County Buildings – released Sep 10th and due Oct 15th.
    • E911 Generator – pending contract award.
  • George Chambers Center:  Barclay, Dave Ronnigan, and the County staff have begun preparing the administrative requirements for the CDBG.

Significant Activities:

  • Industrial Development:  The Gordon County Administrator, Attorney, and Building Inspection Department are assisting the Development Authority regarding local industry permitting requirements.

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