Admin Report for September 21, 2021


  • 5 YEAR HISTORY OF TAX DIGEST AND LEVY:  We have published the 5 Year History of the Tax Digest and Levy. The proposed millage rate is the lowest rate since 2010. Because of actual growth in value of property in the County, net revenue is expected to increase $750,399 even with the lowering of the tax rate.
  • CASH REPORT:  The September cash report is available for your review. The reported General Fund Balance is $19,305,248 ($19,019,385 in 2020).


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  The County held a project status meeting last week. Construction continues to proceed on schedule and remains within the budget despite inflation in the price of goods and materials. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment are being put out for bid and some items will be acquired under State Contract.
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGER PLANNING:  Since the BOC approved Momon Construction as CM at Risk, we have begun discussions with Momon for other existing projects such as the new Evidence Building and Morgue; Senior Center renovations; and, improvements to Brookshire Park.
  • COVID-19 TASK FORCE:  The task force met this morning and received reports from many sectors of the community. AdventHealth Gordon currently has 81 patients which is down from 114 patients two weeks ago. 29 of those patients (61 two weeks ago) are Covid positive, 20 are critical and 17 patients are on ventilators. Overall, the number of new cases seems to be declining but remains high.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The County continues to experience an unprecedented level of interest from developers of industry, industrial warehousing, residential and poultry farms.
  • BROADBAND:  County Staff and representatives of Comcast met by video last week to discuss the status of grant applications, design considerations, permitting and other considerations to bring high speed internet access to over 5,000 locations that currently do not have service.
  • OTHER ACTIVITIES:  The Administrator and staff participated in other activities including: hosting a meeting with Becky Hood, Calhoun Administrator Paul Worley and Mayor Palmer; met with Plainville Mayor Jim Miller and the City Clerk regarding Ordinance Enforcement; Commissioner Steward and I met with Mayor Wyatt and others in Resaca to discuss possible locations for a new cell tower; I met with the Planning Commission on September 13; and, I have been corresponding with GDOT regarding its obligation to repave “Old Highway 53”.

Author: Keith King

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