Admin Report for October 5, 2021


  • SPLOST AND LOST:  SPLOST and LOST revenue shown in the report dated September 30, 2021 reflect collections reported for August 2021. Technically, there was a substantial decrease in revenue from actual receipts in September last year because of one time State Audit payments to Gordon County to LOST in the amount of $365,655.66 and SPLOST in the amount of $527,284.38. The current report shows SPLOST collections were $993,992.47 and, when taking out the 2020 audit adjustment, there is a $201,605.67 (26%) increase over the same period last year. LOST collections were $629,977.57 which is a $128,093.3 (26%) increase over the same period last year.


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  County Staff met with personnel from Momon Construction onsite last Thursday to look at the parking lot adjacent to the Public Defender’s office and to review the project as a whole. Floor covering is going in on the first floor. The project remains on schedule and remains within the budget so far.
  • JUVENILE COURT:  Momon Construction has been making renovations to the adjust building to provide Juvenile Court services in that building. Those renovations should be complete at the end of this week.
  • HARBOR ROAD:  Foundation work is about to begin for the piers that will support the new bridge that has been ordered. The road has remained closed since the culverts were washed out during the major flood in late March of this year.
  • COVID-19 TASK FORCE:  The task force met this morning and received reports from around the community indicating a decrease in Covid-19 cases. Advent Gordon Hospital which is licensed for 69 patients currently has 70 patients (81 two weeks ago and 114 patients a month ago). 20 of those patients are Covid positive (29 two weeks ago and 61 a month ago). Death rates have not decreased at the same pace as some long term patients are continuing to succumb to the illness. Gordon County has a 29.25% vaccination rate compared to 45.72% for the State of Georgia.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  The Development Authority met last Tuesday.
  • EMERGENCY RADIOS:  Dalton Communications continues to work radio set up and installation. They are currently servicing the Gordon County Fire Department and then will complete installation at the Sheriff’s Office.
  • LANDFILL FILINGS:  One of the duties of Administrator is filing reports with Georgia EPD on Landfill activities for RedBone Ridges and the closed Harris Beamer Landfill. One of the reports is the remaining capacity report for Redbone Ridges. Based on tonnage of waste received in the last year (427,570 tons), Redbone Ridges remaining capacity of permitted space is 23.31 years with hundreds of acres remaining for future permitting and expansion. Also, Commissioner Potts and I met with a representative from Republic last week to discuss Landfill operations.
  • CALHOUN ANNEXATION NOTICE:  Gordon County received Notice of a request to Annex property into the City of Calhoun for 67 acres at 858 Chatsworth Highway (Highway 225) being parcels 054A-147, 148 and 149.

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