Admin Report for October 20, 2020


  • TAX DIGEST:  The State Department of Revenue approved the tax digest on September 16. The bills were mailed last week.
  • CORONAVIRUS RELIEF FUND:  Governor Kemp has decided there will not be a further distribution of COVID relief funds to the counties and cities of Georgia.


  • COVID-19:  The Covid-19 task force met this morning. Positive case numbers have increased. The county had 240 new cases in the last two weeks compared to 127 new cases in the previous two week period.. The theme of the day was to advise our citizens that numbers are increasing and we should not get complacent. EMA has issued a press release.
  • HIGHWAY 53/BYPASS:  The county is still waiting for a GDOT response to the county complaint of water runoff from the new bypass that is impacting Bray Road.
  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  Site work is well underway. The county had a project meeting on October 9. The occupants of the upstairs of the Annex will be moving to the Government Plaza around November 7/8. Elections will not be effected on the first floor until the end of January. The county is looking at the Harris Arts Center for temporary courtroom space as judicial operations plan to increase after the first of the year.
  • EARLY VOTING:  Continues in the elections office on the bottom floor of the Courthouse Annex. Record numbers are voting early. The Board of Elections is working very hard to provide a safe and healthy environment for voters.
  • BROOKSHIRE PARK:  Keith King continues to work on the LWCF grant to offset the cost of park improvements.
  • EMERGENCY RADIO COVERAGE:  Representatives of the Sheriff’s Office, EMA, E911, and the Gordon County Fire Department met twice in the last two weeks to discuss necessary upgrades to the emergency radio network to correct areas of poor coverage, multi jurisdiction connectivity issues and dead zones. The State of Georgia is providing useful technical guidance.
  • FINANCE DEPARTMENT:  As you know, Al Leonard is retiring at the end of November. Gordon County has advertised his position and received fourteen resumes. We will be interviewing the most qualified candidates on Friday.


  • Government and Community Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Commerce
  • GDOT District 6 Quarterly meeting

Author: Keith King

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