10/21/2014 Administrator’s Report

Project Update:

  • Fire Station Construction:   The Calhoun Commercial Construction (CCC) final cost estimate delivery date was extended until 28 October. CCC agreed to present the estimate with building plans at the next work session scheduled for 4 November.
  • Parking Deck:   Conduit was installed in the Annex last week to relocate the data lines, and underground electricity should be installed next month. Contract negotiations with RA-LIN should be finalized this week. Pending contract approval, a groundbreaking ceremony will be coordinated and construction is expected to begin without delay.
  • Economic Development:   The Carl Vinson Institute presented a fixed fee Strategic Planning proposal to assist Gordon County distinguish itself competitively in the market:
    • Assessment of current industrial/distribution sites available in the county.
    • Assessment of workforce issues and key infrastructure.
    • Develop an action oriented short-term strategic plan with the following elements:
      • Product—Sites and key strategies for industrial development, tourism based assets, retail, and commercial development.
      • Marketing—Campaign strategy for marketing community including concepts for website, incentive programs, and sector analysis.
      • Structure—Analysis of structure to fully implement strategies identified.
  • George Chambers CDBG:   The Architectural Contract was completed and a pre-design meeting was conducted with Brent Allen of DCA on 16 October. Floor plans, drawings, and bid documents will be prepared for the Construction advertisement in January.

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