10/7/2014 Administrator’s Report

Financial Update:

  • Sales Tax Revenue:  September 2014 LOST collections combined with TAVT LOST and Energy Excise produced a 3.16% revenue increase from $515,241 to $531,522. For the same period, SPLOST collections combined with TAVT SPLOST and Energy Excise revenue increased 3.22% from $730,948 to $754,493.

Project Update:

  • Fire Station Construction:  The cost estimates received from Calhoun Commercial Construction (CCC) contained inconsistent sub-contractor bids. CCC agreed to submit a revised cost estimate and final drawings by October 10th.
  • Parking Deck:   Of the four qualified companies selected to bid on this project, RA-LIN & Associates was the lowest bidder. The staff recommends RA-LIN at a cost of $2,070,593 with an additional contingency of $100,000. Upon approval by the Board of Commissioners, a contract will be prepared and construction will commence. The relocation of overhead service lines is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving.
  • George Chambers Center:   Mary Barclay and the county staff are working with David Ronningen and DCA to complete the administrative requirements for the George Chambers Center CDBG. A public hearing is being conducted and contracts for administrative and architectural services are being finalized.
  • Industrial Development:   The Attorney and Administrator met with Elyse Davis of Georgia Power to discuss process improvements for community and economic development. Ms. Davis emphasized the strength of seamless planning with all community leaders and how a joint operation improves results.

Departmental Update:

  • Animal Control:   Animal Control received 179 animals during September 2014.
  • E9-1-1:   The call center received 8,211 calls in September 2014.
  • Building Inspections:   Four new single family home permits and three mobile home permits were issued in September 2014 (attached).

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