Administrator’s Report November 03, 2015

Financial Update:

  • FY 2014/15 Close-out:   The budget for the previous fiscal year has been closed and the Gordon County Revenue and Expenditure Budget Report for the year ending June 30, 2015 has been submitted to the Board of Commissioners for review (report attached). Highlights follow:
    • $835,107 excess revenue over expenditures in the General Fund.
    • $330,615 excess revenue over expenditures in the Fire Fund.
    • $17,107 excess revenue over expenditures in the E-911 Fund
  • Sales Tax:  The Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenue received in October 2015 fell 5.40% with a $28,596 decrease and Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) revenue fell 5.48% with a $41,100 decrease compared to the same month of the previous year (report attached).

Project Update:

  • George Chambers CDBG:  The pre-construction meeting on October 26th was attended by Momon Construction, George Chambers Resource Center, DCA, and Gordon County. Initial site work has already begun; and weather permitting, a ground breaking ceremony will soon be scheduled.
  • Red Bud Fire Station:  The contractor expects the floors to be completed this week and all interior work completed the following week. The project continues within budget but has experienced delays that have extended the schedule. CCC will conduct a project update on Thursday, November 12th.
  • Administrative Annex:  Architects are preparing construction documents for the BB&T building.
    • Designs will facilitate relocating the 1st floor occupants of the Annex into the 1st Floor of the new building with the upper level serving as future swing space. The plans will include repairs to the roof, HVAC and electrical systems, data lines, public restrooms, and code upgrades.
    • The county staff met with the Calhoun Fire Marshal last week regarding the upper floor code requirements; such as, sprinklers and modification to the existing stairs. The upper floor may be utilized as swing-space during the future courthouse renovations without modifications; however, once the swing space is no longer required, the 2nd floor must be renovated as permanent office space that complies with the current code requirements.
  • Purchasing:
    • A bid solicitation for a new cascade system is being advertised. This system will be installed at the Red Bud Fire Station for refilling air bottles that are used by the fire fighters. Specifications for fire pumper trucks are being incorporated into bid documents that will soon be advertised. The cascade system and fire trucks are funded through 2012 SPLOST revenue.
    • Staff recommends a bid award to AT&T Solacom for 911 telephone system. AT&T’s proposal was evaluated and determined to be the best value accompanied by a 5 year maintenance plan with a significant cost reduction.

Departmental Updates:

  • Animal Control:  Spay & neuter clinics are being coordinated with the National Spay Alliance to kick off Gordon County Animal Control’s “Adopt a Pet Month” for November 2015. Dog and cat adoption fees are being reduced by $25 during the month of November. The Chamber of Commerce “Keep it in the County” program is being used to inform the public in order to boost the number of adoptions and reduce the shelter population.
  • Parks & Recreation:  Georgia Department of Natural Resources staff have requested a meeting on Friday, November 6th to discuss turn over and operations of the Resaca Battlefield.

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