Admin Report for November 16, 2021


  • CASH AND INVESTMENTS:  This report is in your material for your review.
  • GRANT AWARD:  Gordon County has been approved to receive up to $175,000 from the Georgia DNR Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant. These funds will be applied to improvements to Brookshire Park. This Grant requires a 50% match by Gordon County which we have in a SPLOST fund as approved by the voters of Gordon County in the 2012 SPLOST for improvements to the park.
  • FIRST RESPONDERS GRANT:  Human Resources and Finance have been working on the First responders grant established by the State of Georgia. We expect to submit our application this week. The grant will pay certain certified full time first responders $1,000 and certain certified volunteer firefighters $300. Eligibility is determined by criteria established by the State.


  • JUDICIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION:  County staff met with Matt Hibberts of Momon Construction last week to discuss the Judicial Building progress to date and to plan for the phase two renovations to the Main Courthouse. We continue to expect the Judicial Building will be fully open on April 1, 2021. Phase two will begin about the second week of April. County Staff also discussed Courthouse security and reviewed plans in a meeting with officials from the GCSO. Gordon County “re-bid” furniture, fixtures and equipment due to lack of competitive participation in a previous bid attempt. We hope to receive more competitive bidding tomorrow at 2 p.m.
  • FINANCE DEPARTMENT:  Janice Hudgens is retiring after working for Gordon County for 48 years. Finance Director, Jason Brown, will move Regan Bell from purchasing to fill Janice’s position and to act as assistant to the Finance Director. We are currently advertising the Purchasing Director’s position
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Various developers have expressed an interest in construction of over 11 million square feet of industrial warehousing in Calhoun/Gordon County. This estimated cost to build these warehouses is estimated at over $500,000,000. Some of these projects are already underway. In addition, it appears that residential real estate developers are planning over 2,500 new residences for Calhoun/Gordon County.
  • EMS QUALITY REVIEW:  Advent Gordon Hospital provides emergency medical (ambulance) services under a contract the county that requires a quarterly review of responsiveness and performance. The review committee consists of representatives of all County and City emergency first responders. The EMS QRC met last week and received a report from EMS Director Michael Etheridge. One of the concerns expressed during the meeting concerned the time and resources consumed by non emergency “lift assists” Currently, Gordon County does not charge for lift assists. Whitfield County for instance charges $50 per call after the third call. Some examples of these calls are for help getting out of bed, getting in and out of cars, putting socks on, and help getting to the restroom. Whitfield County says the intent of the fee is not to make money, but, to encourage citizens to refrain from calling 911 for non emergencies.

Author: Keith King

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