11/4/2014 Administrator’s Report

Finance Update:

  • FY 2013/14 Close-out:   The budget for the previous fiscal years has been closed and the Gordon County Revenue and Expenditure Budget Reports for the year ending June 30, 2014 is now published for review (report attached). Highlights follow:
    • $587,678 excess revenue over expenditures in the General Fund.
    • $249,933 excess revenue over expenditures in the Fire Fund.
    • $75,053 excess revenue over expenditures in the E-911 Fund
    • Sales Tax: Sales tax collections during the month of October 2014 increased 2.67% LOST and 2.50% SPLOST compared to previous year collections (report attached).
    • FY 2014/15 Budget: Amendments to the fiscal year 2014/2015 budget were proposed during the previous finance committee meeting and are delivered to the Board of Commissioners for consideration.

Project Update:

  • Fire Station Construction:   An updated construction plan with cost estimates were received by the county staff and are being presented to the Board of Commissioners by Calhoun Commercial Construction. A contract will be then be prepared for approval.
  • Parking Deck:   The SPLOST project is proceeding without delay. A contract between Gordon County and RA-LIN construction was approved, bonds were completed, and demolition of the pre-existing structure have commenced. An official start work meeting will be held later this week. Underground electrical lines were installed around the perimeter of the rear parking deck located behind the Courthouse Annex and data transmission line conduit has been installed under Piedmont Street.
  • George Chambers CDBG:   Gordon County and Architect, Jack Killian, are working with the George Chambers staff to refine floor plans details and requirement specifications necessary to prepare RFP documents by early next year.
  • Economic Development:   The Carl Vinson Institute will begin discussions with the Chamber of Commerce, Community and Government Affairs Committee and all stakeholders to conduct background research, up to seven meetings to assess, establish goals, facilitate implementation strategies, and develop a clear delineation of responsibility for each task.
  • Animal Control:   We are conducting a trail run social media site to post pictures of the animals, operational statistics, and promote upcoming spay/neuter clinics at our shelter.

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